Some of the Objectives of PA DSS certification Guidelines

To offer security to payment system, the PCI has made it mandatory to have certification in PA DSS compliance. To avail this the payment application software need to comply with the quality standards and guidelines mentioned by the council. Here let us see the objective of the compliance and steps involved in the certification process.

With the increasing data theft, intrusions, and data breaches it has become a big challenge for the developers to safeguard payment application software. The security practices are required to be implemented from the standing stages of software development life cycle.

To make all payment application safe and secured Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council has implemented a set of security guidelines and standards that need to comply by all application developers, merchants and other third part users. PA DSS certification is mandatory for the payment application developers who sell or authorize or license their payment application to others. The developers need to assure that no vulnerabilities or weakness are present in the application and their application is completely PA DSS compliant.

For this purpose, PA DSS certification essential to sell their payment application software to others. Furthermore, the developers help to the merchants to get PCI DSS certification in easily and quickly.

The PA-DSS Compliance Guidelines are as follows:

  1. Should not keep full magnetic stripe, PIN block data and card validation code or value.
  2. Secured password features.
  3. Safeguard stored cardholder data.
  4. Log application activity
  5. Create secured application.
  6. wireless transmissions need to be safe.
  7. Carry out vulnerability tests.
  8. Enable secured network implementation.
  9. The server connected to the Internet must not have cardholder data stored.
  10. Enable secure remote software updates.
  11. Enable secure remote access to applications.
  12. Public network traffic must be Encrypted.
  13. all non-console administrative access must be encrypted.
  14. Documentation of training programs and instructional process to customers, resellers, and integrators should be maintained.

How to Become PA DSS Compliant?

To become PA DSS complaint, you need to start security practices from the beginning of the development life cycle of the application software and follow the above- mentioned guidelines religiously. Moreover, through the PA DSS certification has validity 3 years, the payment application must be revalidated every year. The developer needs to perform certain tasks on quarterly basis to maintain the certification.

  • Execute Vulnerability Assessment
  • Train professionals

There are several PA DSS certification service providers with several experience in the payment security space. They offer cutting edge compliance services in different industrial levels.

Author Bio: Kamal Nair has worked with several payment application developers and have good knowledge in PA DSS certification. He offers compliance services to various industries and domains such as ITES, insurance, e-commerce, telecommunications and so on.

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