Some of them are perfect diary foundation

The color of perfect diary foundation is too deep, resulting in heavy and dark makeup, and the whole person is listless. The color of the perfect diary foundation is too light, which leads to a fake face, like a flour coated one, with a broken neck and face. The whole makeup feels very poor.

It’s really not easy to choose the right brand. I suggest girls to try and see more. Many of them depend on fate. Some of them are perfect diary foundation, and some of them are very comfortable to use. Everyone has “intolerance” to certain cosmetic ingredients. I think this may be the problem of formula and ingredients.

Because the color selection of the perfect diary foundation depends on people’s skin color, we should make clear our own skin color. The hue of human skin color is divided into cold hue, warm hue, and neutral hue.

There is a simple method: after removing makeup and washing your face, wait about 15 minutes. Under natural light, put a piece of white paper next to your face, look into the mirror, and observe the contrast color between your skin and the white paper. If it is close to pink, then your skin is in a cold tone. If the color of your skin looks close to yellow next to white paper, then your skin is in a warm tone. If the contrast color is not within the above mentioned range, then your skin belongs to neutral tone.

Is the above method still vague? I encourage you to try different color numbers at the counter. The shopping guide at the counter will also help you test your skin color. If the offline counter is troublesome, try the sample. The sample is cheap, even if it is not suitable, it doesn’t hurt. As long as the color number is selected correctly, the face is naturally good skin feeling.

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