Some process characteristics and equipment of low pressure casting

Low pressure casting is one of the china die casting methods of the workpiece. Both the process itself and its equipment have certain characteristics. In order to make everyone better understand this casting process, the editor has summarized some relevant knowledge content, I hope everyone has some attention.
In the process of product processing, low-pressure casting is still relatively common, and it can be applied to some products such as sand, graphite, ceramic machining, and molten mold shells. Moreover, from the perspective of molding materials, its permeability and strength are very good. From the perspective of castings, it has good formability, excellent surface quality, and stable mechanical properties. From the perspective of energy consumption, low-pressure casting improves The process yield of the molten metal was obtained.
In fact, all of the above mentioned must be completed by a low-pressure casting machine, and the machine must also have some basic elements, including the mold, the holding furnace, the hydraulic joints and control devices of the mold switch mechanism, and the pressure control device in the furnace. Under certain conditions, low-pressure die casting can be successfully completed and ideal castings can be obtained.

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