Some Vital Things to Know About Before Getting Your Boob Job

The craze for bigger and perkier boobs is increasing at an unprecedented level. More and more women are attracted towards a look that gives them the feeling of womanhood. To achieve the best result it is crucial to understand the facts attached to the surgery as well as giving you the confidence and ability to relax following a fully informed decision. For the last few years, the number of procedures has seen a drastic hike in correlation with positive results.

But before you go for your Boob Job in the UK, here are some important things to understand so you are mentally prepared for the procedure:

Not all doctors are the same: first and foremost is to know that not all surgeons are the same and one needs a specialist in the desired field of the procedure to achieve the best results. There are cases where people who cannot afford a reputable surgeon find someone who is under qualified or lacking years of expertise, and they end up with terrible results. Along with the experience, check the history of the doctor’s procedures and ensure that they are certified surgeons before undergoing complex surgery.

One would rarely get insurance cover for surgery for purely cosmetic reasons: It might be noted that surgery for severe asymmetry following developmental deformity or large breasts creating serious symptoms of backache, neck pain, might be covered. However, when it comes to going for the procedure for purely cosmetic and aesthetic reasons, one would rarely find insurance cover for the procedure.

Beware of non-surgical procedures: Whilst pursuing a Boob Job in the UK, there might be various procedures advertised using fat from liposuction to be used in the breasts. However, these have their set of complications as it is quite limited, and it is very hard to tell what fat will survive and what will not, forming oil cysts, calcifications or necrotic masses. In about 30-50% of cases, it is seen that the fat does not survive. This then results in some further alterations variable from person to person, plus additional costs for further procedures. Other than fat grafting, other non-surgical options such as with injectable fillers are also definitely not recommended and can cause irreversible harm. It is safer to get a prior consultation and advice from an expert breast reconstruction surgeon to avoid complications and mistakes and ensure a happy outcome.

While enquiring about all the above, one should also pursue proper and reliable details about the doctor as well, this could be via their social media accounts in order to gather the details about the types of surgeries available and their experience. Schedule a consultation with an expert before getting a Boob Job in the UK for effective results and guidance.

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