Something you should learn about beauty fashion

Something you should learn about beauty fashion

Makeup artist Tisha Thompson used her 15 years of professional experience to create her makeup and skincare line, LYS Beauty.  The Sephora approved cleansing brand is perfect for anyone who wants to make their facial makeup look invisible.  Thompson’s collection comes in 35 shades of pink, plus some of the best face creams blush and powdery bronzer we’ve been using for a long time.


In addition to her commitment to inclusive beauty, Thompson also founded her charity, LYS Beauty Legacy, which focuses on nurturing the underprivileged through donations, partnerships and community engagement.  Currently, LYS is a partner in GYRL WONDER, a nonprofit that helps young women of color create career opportunities.


Alicia Keys teamed up with dermatologist Renee Snyder, mD, to develop Keys Soul Care, a beauty brand that launched in 2021.  Her product line produces basic skincare products such as nicotinamide serum, Bakutin cream and Manuka honey mask.  The beauty brand also sells health products, from obsidian face rollers and dry brushes to sage and oat milk soy candles.  These natural products contain no more than 1,000 toxic ingredients, including benzoates and sulfates.


We’re all personal fans of celebrity makeup artist Danessa Myricks’ stunning look, so of course, we jumped at the chance to take away her magical makeup – and so should you!  Whatever you grab from Myricks’ scaled range, you’ll be pleased with their intense pigments and easy to use blending.  With Danessa Myricks Beauty, the number of MUA-rated cosmetic creations is absolutely endless.


If you love luxurious beauty, then this range of nourishing skin care products is just what you need.  Ozohu Adoh, the founder and CHIEF executive of Epara Skincare, created the line with black people in mind, tailoring products for women of different skin tones.  Another benefit :Epara skincare uses only the best organic ingredients sourced directly from Africa.


Seriously, how could we not include Rihanna’s groundbreaking cosmetics brand in this list?  Fenty Beauty, along with its sister skincare line, Fenty Skin, has inspired a Renaissance of celebrity Beauty lines while challenging everyone to take a broader look at mainstream, outdated Beauty ideas through a series of diverse product campaigns that appeal to everyone.

From now on, gilding should be your luxury skincare from head to toe.  Founder Blair Armstrong has created a line of clinically inspired luxury skincare products to indulge your whole body.  Their dry brush is probably the most popular product, but we highly recommend looking at the gold-plated all soothing (and aesthetically pleasing) skincare line.

Dame Pat McGrath is a visionary legend in a beautiful world, and it’s no wonder her brand has become equally iconic.  The luxury cosmetics brand led by McGrath is full of game-changing high-quality products that are simply unmatched.  Pat McGrath LABS may be a little more expensive than most beauty brands, but trust us — their creamy soft eyeshadow, lipstick and more are worth it.

If you like all natural and organic skin care, then KLUR is the best choice.  Founder Leslie Thornton’s original mission was to create clean, ethical and inclusive products for people of all backgrounds to enjoy.  Fast forward to the present, and this collection is full of plant-powered, ecologically compatible products that you and your skin can never get enough of.


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