Sony Sound Bar System Review

Sony has produced the HT-CT150 3D Sound Bar System the key to all of its interconnects to ensure that all you truly require is one device to put almost everything collectively. Get a lot more info about Learn more

For example, let’s say one purchases a 65-inch Sony HDTV and PlayStation III and adds inside a set of Sony speakers which results in the question: how do you connect anything up into one system that uses only one wire to care for typing each of the many pieces with each other?

The HT-CT150 may be that device. In reality, it really is a low-powered HDMI repeater that takes audio and video signals from the pieces of one’s Sony home entertainment system and it ties them collectively, using just one cable as the return cable for audio and video.

It is not a small system. It cannot be compact to manage all the audio inputs that it has to deal with (HDTV, blu-ray player, PlayStation III, Surround Sound System, 3D system, as an example) and bring them back for your speakers with just one wire.

This really is the tool that completes your Sony Home 3D system by offering basic interfacing capability but yielding full surround sound ability at the same time.

The HT-CT150 has the latest decoding technologies built-in in order that it not merely can sync up all of your varied home entertainment systems, but for those who have any other Bravia systems – it is actually Bravia compatible – it really is also in a position to handle syncing the Bravia systems, at the same time.

The HT-CT150 is versatile in that it might be shelf-mounted underneath and in back of a false front in your home entertainment center. Or, when you don’t thoughts having it sitting on a shelf by itself, you may also mount it on a shelf in back of one’s system so that it shows just how critical it is actually to tying factors together.

Some Sony HDTVs can even mount this device straight for the box so you may primarily have one unit. In other words, this is, as noted, a versatile piece of equipment.

Interestingly, when you obtain the optional Digital Media port, you could not just interface your systems, but you’ll be able to also access the output out of your Apple iPod or Walkman device or just a plain audio device.

You can find a number of options out there for it which includes its personal mounting brackets, shelving and more.

This really is the final piece you will need to make sure that each of the pieces of your Sony system, from you handycam to your HDTV and PlayStation III and 3D 1080p HDTV system will also play together in the very same sandbox like fantastic pieces of equipment. It is that crucial.

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