Sony SRS XB23: A Review of the King of Budget Bluetooth Speakers

Sony has released its latest line of Bluetooth speakers only recently, and they seem to have captured a lot of people’s attention with their latest additions. If there was a crown for the best out of Sony’s lot, the XB23 would definitely be king.

It is a $99 portable speaker, which is resistant to dust and water and can run for a period of 12 hours on a single charge. It might not be the best when we compare it with  all the speakers out there like the Ultimate Ears WonderBoom 2, but it is still plenty good for all the Sony lovers.

Design: All the Stats, Facts, and Data

There have been a ton of modifications made to the speaker. Sony changed the design from a stretched out oval to a cylinder. They have also experimented by moving the passive radiators maximum dispersion.

They are more manageable when it comes to size and weight. Weighing only 1.3lbs, and with the dimensions of 3×8.8in (76x218mm, DxH), it is fairly easy to handle. It will easily fit in the cup holder of your car and won’t hold you back when you go on one of those long hikes.

Interesting Additional Features 

Along the back of the speaker, you will find the basic playback controls. Sony has added a few additional buttons to supplement its boastful features. For e.g.- The Stereo Pairing and the Party mode. The addition of a new strap to the top provides an added advantage of hanging it anywhere.

Another major feature that this speaker sports is its IP67 rating, which makes the XB23 almost completely resistant to dust and water. These are some of the must-have features for a speaker you’d be carrying outside. Speaking of updates, the latest speakers are now using Type-C charging ports for the very first time. So, we don’t have to burden ourselves with one more charger in our bag, we can simply use our phones!

Finally, yet importantly, the XB23 features the Bluetooth 5.0, which is the latest in the market and supports four codecs- SBC, AAC, and LDAC.

How Is It Compared to the WonderBoom?

When it came to sound performance it was noted that the WonderBoom performed better as compared to the XB23. The WonderBoom might give a little better performance but the XB23 isn’t much behind in the race. The XB23 is equipped to deliver pretty loud sounds with minimum distortion. The latest edition of two passive radiators to the top and bottom proved to be a big success as it helped the Bass sound clearer as compared to its predecessors. So, if you’re an ‘outdoorsy’ person and want to buy a budget speaker with premium features, here’s a good deal.

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Source:- Sony SRS XB23: A Review of the King of Budget Bluetooth Speakers

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