South Close, Sector 50 – resident Damanjit Singh – Air India Pilot lets minors drink and drive resulting in the death of Alok Gupta.

As responsible parents, they must guide their kids to understand the value of basic things in life. Social and Moral values are considered as seeds of development which should be planted in kids at an early age. Neglecting the basic parental teachings can have adverse effects on their children which after a certain age can not be fixed.

Damanjit Singh ( Air India – Pilot ) , resident of South Close, Sector 50 – Gurgaon. Despite being at such a highly courteous job he meets all the demands of his kid ignoring all the moral principles. His parental negligence has brought dishonor upon his dignified job and the social position of his family.

Police had added to the FIR on August 23rd , sections 184 (driving dangerously) and 185 (for drinking driving) of the Motor Vehicles Act as the juvenile was allegedly drunk while driving and lost control over Ecosport and reportedly confessed this to police. This incident took place at Cyber City when S/o Damanjeet Singh , resident of South Close, Sector 50 – Gurgaon. accompanied by S/o Rajashri Datta resident of The Hibiscus- Sector 50 Gurgaon. returned from  Ireo Victory Valley, Golf Course Ext Rd, Sector 67, Gurugram after celebrating their friend Aditya Taneja’s 17th birthday party by borrowing the Dhiraj taneja’s  car in a drunken state. The car crashed into Alok Gupta’s Harley Davidson when they lost control over the wheels and as a consequence he lost his life in this tragic accident.

According to Chander Mohan, deputy commissioner of police (east), they can not take the juvenile into custody as the offense is bailable and provided direction to parents not to permit him to travel anywhere without informing the police.

So for the litigation system, the minors can’t be arrested and only counseled for the deed they have done. They are responsible for taking the life of innocent souls. If they will not be punished for the bad actions they have done at this young age, they will take advantage of it and also be able to attempt such things in the future.

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