Southern Highland Wedding Photographer – A Checklist For Would-Be Brides & Grooms


The task of organizing a wedding is never easy. There are just too many things to do for the bride and the groom, as well as their families. Besides, the entire event is just a flood of emotions. When you become too emotional, you find yourself lacking the integrity needed to get something done. Nevertheless, millions of people arrange their weddings throughout the world. If they can do it, so can you. So, what should your checklist include other than hiring a Southern Highland Wedding Photographer?

The beginning

The moment you learn that you’re going to get married or engaged, you should begin preparing. To that end, the first task on your list should be to discuss your ideal wedding with your fiancé. You have to know whether both partners are on the same page or not. The next point of consideration should be your budget. Usually, most folks spend anywhere between AUD 10 to 20K. A bit more well-to-do families consider spending AUD 30 to 60K, but the richest folks spend more than AUD 60K+. Don’t forget to bring a wedding planner on board if you need help with organizing everything. Remember to start searching for South Coast Wedding photographers too.

A year earlier

If your wedding day is exactly twelve months from now, you should start looking for the reception venue. You must book it as soon as possible because these establishments never remain vacant for long. You also have to check out the ceremony locations. Next, you should turn your attention towards the suppliers of wedding essentials, such as florists, invitation card manufacturers, music, cake, décor, makeup, and hairstylists. It’s also beneficial to book one of the best Wedding Photographers Southern Highlands during this time. You should even consider selecting the wedding dress at least a year in advance.

Ten months earlier

If you only have ten months left for your wedding, then it’s assumable that you’ve already chosen a Southern Highland Wedding Photographer. Now, you can think about booking ceremony music, DJ, and the band for the reception party. Get in touch with décor hire agencies if you need to rent something, such as tables, chairs, and tents. You should also start researching honeymoon destinations at this time. While contacting travel agents in this digitized era may seem a bit old-fashioned, they can tell you more than enough about the best locations around the world for honeymooning.

Four months earlier

At this point, you have to be ready to choose and order wedding invitations and associated stationery. You should also consider attending a pre-marriage counselling session. While it’s a necessity for catholic ceremonies, marriage counselling is basically worthwhile. Don’t forget to meet the florist to discuss options. Also, remember to pay a visit to the tailor to get the groom’s suit.

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