Spain is known to promote soccer game by establishing residential academies

Soccer also known as football is a very popular game among people around the world. There are many games which are played in different countries but soccer has its own fan following.

Parents get inspired by the game and encourage their younger ones to play the game with full determination and enthusiasm. Many parents prefer getting their children enrolled into soccer academies for full-fledged training since the start.

 Barcelona residential soccer is a place where all the candidates are enrolled for different camps and programs. It is residential places where all the facilities are given to the candidate making the place feel like home.

From the time you get enrolled to the time the match is held the faculty will train you and take care every major and minor details pertaining to soccer. There is no pressure or enforcement related to training instead the faculty is very understanding and friendly by also giving therapists in case of any mental or physical emergency.

When you research on any website regarding residential academy for soccer you will find Barcelona residential soccer academy on top category. This is because the academy provides world class facility to their candidates in all terms. The rooms, campus, play area; ground for match everything is well maintained and equipped.

Barcelona is well known for bringing up talented soccer players over the period of time, all the credit goes to the team which provide unlimited support and guidance to the students.

It takes in a lot of effort and years of training to master in a soccer game. You have to be physically fit particularly your lower body as hands are not used in this game.

Football academy Spain has many residential schools but when it comes to the best then there is only ,this residential academy is known for taking their services to next level. They have different programs with reasonable fee and charges.

The website has all the information regarding the residence, academy, medical facility, education, restaurant, etc. This residential academy is located in a prime location which is near to airport, metro and main city.

The whole campus is under security check and no outside will be permitted into the area without permission and no candidate will be allowed to go out. The privacy and security of the staff and candidate is utmost priority.





s/n, Carrer de la Verge de Montserrat, 08940 Cornellà de Llobregat


Barcelona ,Spain


Phone: 0034 639 521 335



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