Speaking to it, pivoting management is no small endeavor

This came across Best OSRS Gold site as very PR”The group are throwing themselves in this challenge”. Most of us know things have affected. In the interval that Archaeology and PVM heartbeat were getting ready for release, there should have been other people working on something since the beginning of the year which many would have anticipated to be getting ready for launch a month or two after archaeology, but there has not. Working from home happened and for me personally I got next to nothing done for the first month due to technical issues.

However, it got better and from the 3rd month I was back up to full speed, maybe even more efficient than working in the office since there wasn’t any annoying meetings and beurocracy taking time up. So after 3 months of working from home, there is one upgrade almost ready. There is still something wrong there. Some individuals will have it worse than others because of family etc. But by this point problems must be sorted out. Jagex should be providing the essential equipment to employees to do their job if this really is a long term thing. When it comes to working from home the games and tech business ought to be among the best suited businesses.

Adapting the approach into the decreased capacity sounds similar to this daily update item is temporary until you can work from the office? Or is it a point? Which are”existing plans”? Before the plans were shelved, it would have been nice to know these. Are these gaps a 3/6/12 month gaps between large update/expansions? And by changing programs does this imply no more doing huge updates/expansions?

Frankly, I’m fine with that if it did sound a little PR’y because they really are throwing themselves at it to be honest. A team actively look to react and find opportunity in a situation that impacts production output is very uncommon in my own experience. It would have been easier from a development standpoint to stay the path and just accept the slower delivery cadence – and many teams would choose that option and throw out the COVID excuse.

Speaking to it, pivoting management is no small endeavor. That takes effort, time and a lot of coordination – and then you have to go perform on it. But the hope is that this is the right way to go to deliver material and prevent big gaps.

On the WFH front, your situation is precisely the same for others here in Jagex also, but not for many (particularly those with children or less than ideal work environments). We have inner Wellness surveys which people respond to combined with Production Estimates that have proven the gradual drop in productivity – last estimate buy OSRS gold was over 30 percent down. I could safely say I am definitely not functioning and more taxed. It is a challenging situation for many.

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