Special Occasions To Do With A Boat Or A Yacht Rental In Miami

305 Luxury Rentals is the leading provider of luxury Yacht Rentals in Miami. We can accommodate an absolute number of custom packages, such as Day Rentals, Sunset Cruises, Bahamas Trips, Celebrations, Water Sports Packages, & many more. Choose from a comprehensive fleet of 40+ yachts with our expert-certified captain & crew that will cater to you & your companions. Enjoy sunbathing with best friends, discover Miami from the sea, sail to beautiful islands, or dance the whole night away on one of our luxury Miami Yachts. You are only a click away from planning your unforgettable Yacht Rental experience in Miami. Contact us today about special promotions, discounts, and custom yacht rental packages.

Why not charter one of our luxury vessels for a truly unique & exclusive experience? Let us create a custom-made event for only you and your family members, such as a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or celebration? We can design any package to cater for anything ranging from 5 to 100 guests, whether you’re trying to plan a casual occasion or a grander affair, which will always be the perfect antidote to the demands of family food, lodging, and entertaining. On our luxuriously appointed ships, spending time with loved ones will always be an exciting moment because of the unique way we treat all our customers, both on and offshore.

The chance to learn something new

You might want to learn a new water sport while on holiday. Renting a boat offers you the perfect chance to learn how to fish or water ski. We provide party boats that offer numerous activities such as parasailing or tubing. Some of our big luxury yachts even have access to onboard swimming, dancing, and other exciting activities. Access to transportation on the water also allows you to go with gentle surf to sandbars and other shallow areas, giving everyone the chance to enjoy the water safely and relaxed. You have the opportunity to get out and discover some new ways to have fun. 


There are several types of vacations, ranging from scheduled holidays to summer and family vacations, specific trips, or journeys with the main aim of recreation or tourism. If you like the idea of taking a planned break whenever the impulses hit, you should be a registered customer of our company and have access to unlimited benefits. Whatever your favorite boating experiences may be, you probably already know that the pressures of life melt away when you climb aboard a boat and cast off the ropes. And when it comes to heartbeats, it has been scientifically established that being out on the water on a ship or yacht encourages a restful state, with numerous physiological and psychological benefits. Nevertheless, national studies have shown that boaters experience a higher level of marriage, relationship satisfaction, and many other aspects of life.
Thus, choose 305 Luxury Rentals for Yacht Rentals in Miami. If you are looking for the best choice for Boat Rentals in Miami, we are the right one for you!

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