Specialty Sneakers to Fill in Gaps in Your Footwear Collection

If you’re like most, you probably have a handful of shoes in your collection that you rotate through on a daily basis. From your gym shoes to your dress loafers, once you have the essentials covered, you should start looking into some more specialty pairs.

If you’re thinking about expanding your footwear collection, here are a few versatile, premium sneaker styles to consider so you’re ready for anything the day throws at you.

High Tops

Mens high top sneakers are classics and have been a standard everyday sneaker style for decades. Whether it’s the dead of winter and you’re pairing them with some dark denim jeans, or it’s spring, and you’re rocking them with chinos or shorts, a quality pair of high-top shoes can keep you comfortably moving forward for many different adventures.

Stand out with a pair of classic white leather high tops, capture a business-friendly look with brown variants, or opt for sleek triple black sneakers. Whichever look you want, achieve it with high tops that are fashionable and versatile, effortlessly transitioning from day to night.

Fashion-Forward Sneakers

Some days you might feel like flying under the radar with your style while other days you might want to make a serious fashion statement. Having a well-rounded shoe collection gives you the luxury of more footwear options, which is ideal depending on how you feel or your outfit of choice.

On days that you want to rock a bold look in the office or if you’re going out with friends, a pair of luxury designer sneakers perfectly suit the occasion. Fashion-forward sneakers have come a long way in recent years, and you have tons of options depending on your style and tastes. Whether you want your shoes to be your statement piece or just want a quality pair of footwear to complete your look, adding a pair of luxury sneakers to your collection is the way to go.

Leather Sneakers

No, leather isn’t just for your wingtips and loafers, and the material is becoming a staple in premium sneakers from brands across the world. Leather sneakers just have a look that no other material can recreate, and when you combine that with authenticity and handmade craftsmanship, you have a pair of sneakers that will stand out.

You can get leather sneakers in a variety of styles and colors that match any outfit or look you’re trying to achieve. While shopping around, look for quality first and invest in heritage and craftsmanship from some of the finest shoemakers in the world. You want a pair that will stay with you for many adventures to come.

Versatile Shoes From Work to Play

While it’s great to have specialty shoes in your collection that you can break out for special occasions or when you feel like stepping up your style, a pair of classic white leather sneakers can go a long way in achieving a “ready for anything” type of look.

White sneakers are known for being extremely versatile and complement a wide array of outfits and occasions. Having a go-to pair of shoes that effortlessly matches your look is essential for stress-free styling in the morning so you can spend less time picking out your footwear and can instead get on your feet and move forward with the day.

About KOIO

KOIO is taking luxury sneakers back to their roots with a premium selection of footwear including white leather sneakers handmade in Le Marche, Italy. KOIO was founded in 2014 by two passionate sneaker heads who wanted to create shoes that dared to defy with a mix of European luxury sensibility and American ambition. They work with experienced craftspeople who have decades of experience making the finest lasts and footwear in Italy. From the design phase through last making, leather cutting, assembling, and packaging, every pair of KOIO shoes is touched by human hands to produce premium, comfortable, luxury footwear like no other.

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