Specific Wheelchair Width Requirements

Non-handicapped individuals typically don’t consider the width of a doorway, let alone the width of a wheelchair. But those who use wheelchairs must consider this every day, often more than once. Normal doorways are often much too narrow for a wheelchair to fit through, but wheelchair users also encounter issues with the width of their mobility chairs.

This article addresses commonly asked concerns on the issue and draws attention to the need for wider doorways in more buildings to make them more accessible for a manual or electric wheelchair in Canada.

What is the wheelchair’s width?

There are two fundamental requirements you should be aware of while looking for a wheelchair. The first consideration is how big and deep the seat must be. Your seat should be between one and two inches broader than the breadth of your hips. The total breadth comes in second. Particularly if you want to use your wheelchair inside, the overall width is crucial. Although the majority of normal-sized wheelchairs can pass through conventional entrances, there are several instances where extra-wide wheelchairs or tiny doorways provide significant challenges for wheelchair users. Manual wheelchair widths might range from 23 to 39 inches, to quickly answer your inquiry.

How wide should a hallway be to facilitate wheelchairs?

Each hallway is distinctive. A wheelchair-accessible corridor has to be wider than 32 inches in order for a wheelchair user to pass through it without difficulty. This also applies to entrances, which are typically 23 to 27 inches wide and too narrow for a wheelchair user to pass through.

What is the typical wheelchair width?

The majority of wheelchairs have a width between 21 and 30 inches. The wider chair cushion and the requirement for arm space are two things to bear in mind. In fact, wheelchairs that are up to 10 inches broader than they once were are now quite typical since the cushions increase user comfort. The narrowest width of a wheelchair is around 24 inches; smaller wheelchairs are more suited to travel than for daily usage.

What dimensions do wheelchairs come in?

Wheelchairs come in a variety of sizes, just like hallways do. Wheelchairs are widely available nowadays and have a variety of uses for various persons. The dimensions of a typical wheelchair are 26 inches in width by 42 inches in length. Again, there are a variety of wheelchairs available across the board that comes in all sizes and are designed for various purposes.


We hope that the information provided above will be useful to you while you look for wheelchairs. Wheelchairs come in a variety of styles, widths, lengths, and sizes. When selecting the wheelchair that is most appropriate for you, keep in mind the wheelchair-accessible locations, such as entrances, corridors, and small rooms. Scootaround Canada offers you the ultimate variety of manual & electric wheelchairs for sale in Canada.

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