Speeding Ticket Lawyer Makes Money, Saves Drivers

There is a growing trend among legal professionals. Gone are the days where these attorneys spent their time filing big money lawsuits against drivers in personal injury lawsuits or filing class action claims against fast food giants for making their clients fat. Now, they are working to make smaller fees by doing more simple traffic cases. Today, a speeding ticket lawyer can provide a driver with protection against their citations for a small fee. The lucrative aspect is that these legal professionals can do sometimes hundreds of these cases a day. That means not only are they doing very little work they are making a lot of money for it.

A full ninety percent of drivers never think to fight their charge let alone hire a speeding ticket lawyer. They just think that spending eighty or a hundred dollars is nothing to just put the matter behind them. The problem that people do not realize is that they are pleading guilty to a crime, albeit a small one, but it still goes on their records. That means that these small crimes accumulate until suddenly a person can be facing a major fine, jail time, or a severe escalation of insurance rates. The immediate damage to the wallet is now nothing compared to the long term cost of dealing with these repercussions of these citations.

One of the reasons that a traffic ticket lawyer nassau county can be so successful today is that cities, states and counties have found that it is incredibly easy to increase their income by pulling over more drivers. In many places the fines are far steeper than they used to be and they are issuing higher quotas, sometimes two or three times as many per month, to their officers. There have also been installations of traffic cameras to cite people by mail. These are particularly contentious and result in many people seeking an attorney to contest the matter.

Typically, a speeding ticket lawyer will determine which cases are most ripe to be defended. If a person gets pulled over going five over in a crowded city on the interstate there is almost zero chance of the officer showing up to the hearing and there is a high chance that the city does not want to spend the money to have a jury trial to determine whether a person really did exceed the limit. The city wants to make money on these issues, not spend it, so they are likely to reduce the fine or drop the charges in exchange for court fees being paid. On the other hand if a person is pulled over going double the limit in a small suburb then the likelihood of having the charges dropped or even reduced because they do not care about small mistakes, and a person can be sure that the officer will be there to testify.


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