Spider-Man: Changes That Fans Would Make To The MCU Movies


Spider-Man is a very popular superhero character among all the people, who have more interest in the genre of superhero films. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has already given a chance to Spider-Man to team up with the Avengers. According to the fans, there must be some changes in the characters of Spider-Man for the upcoming movies of MCU.

Here we will discuss some of the changes that fans would make to the MCU movies.

More Money Shots

Spider-Man is famous for swinging on the streets of New York, and according to the posters of the film, Spider-Man: Homecoming, people thought that he would show swings as shown in the posters. Spider-Man, who is playing the role of Peter Parker, is known for swinging and producing web from his hand. It needs to be more precise.

Logic Needs Applying

The logic needs to apply while making any MCU film. According to the film, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Peter Parker is studying in a school, and also he owns EDITH, so, he had the power to withdraw any drone at any time, but he took the wrong decision. He should improve his decision making power in order to lead the team Avengers in the future.

Fewer Love Jokes

Love jokes in a movie like Spider-Man should be limited. A movie of this genre does not deserve to have more number of jokes. For example, Ned and Betty were entertaining, but there was no point in stretching the movie for showing unnecessary comedy in a movie like Spider-Man.

Clarification On Other Heroes

In the film, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Disney did not reveal the secrets of Thor and other superheroes of the Avengers. However, people can understand the reason behind this, but clarification on other superheroes would be a great addition to this.

The Lack Of Osborns

Harry Osborn and his father Norman Osborn were introduced in the Spider-Man series from the release of its first part. Harry Osborn was Peter’s college-mate and his oldest friend. People also liked the character of Green Goblin played by Norman Osborn in the first part of the Spider-Man series. The comedy role played by Ned in the recent parts of the film, Spider-Man, was liked by the fans but the presence of Harry would be a better option as compared to Ned.

Peter Parker Less Iron Man 2.0

Tony Stark or we can say Iron Man is the key person for making Peter Parker enter into the squad of Avengers. He has been an excellent mentor for Peter Parker. But it shows the second version of Tony Stark. However, Spider-Man is a superhero himself and can make his image better without the help of any other superhero.

MJ More Comic Accurate

Mary Jane Watson has played a vital role in the life of Peter Parker. The fans need more accuracy in showing MJ similar to that of Mary Jane Watson. The role of MJ was played by the actress Zendaya in the film, Spider-Man: Far From Home. According to the fans, it would be much better to keep the looks of MJ like Mary Jane.

Lame Liz

In the film, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Peter was attracted to Lame Liz. She was a friendly natured girl and played the role of her part brilliantly. However, according to the fans, the character of Liz was purposeless. The purpose of MJ in the film, Far From Home, was more characterized as compared to Lame Liz.

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