Spiti Valley: A Less Explored Destination Even By Bollywood

The good thing about Spiti Valley is that it is still a less touristy place that is not known by all. Only the travel enthusiasts know of this place and very few of them have actually visited it. This has helped Spiti to retain the beauty in the purest form and a place where you can enjoy the mesmerizing and serene views without the crowd.


Well, the same thing goes for its representation in media and films. Unlike other popular travel destinations like Kashmir, Ladakh and Manali, Spiti has been a place less explored by Bollywood as well. So it’ll be interesting to see the representation of Spiti Valley in Bollywood films and which films have chosen Spiti as their shooting destination. So let’s get started with this blog.



1) Highway


Shooting Location of Highway: Tabo, Kaza, Key Monastery, Reckong Peo, Kalpa



An Imtiaz Ali Film, Highway shows how one can fall in love in totally unique circumstances and with people we have never even thought of. In Highway the protagonist Veera falls in love with her kidnapper. The movie takes us through their road journey where they cover multiple locations like Kalpa, Reckong Peo, Kaza and Key Monastery. A fun fact is that a spot near Key Monastery is called the Alia Bhat point by the locals because it was where they shot for the film. The movie shows us the beauty of Spiti Valley and we should be grateful that this cinematic masterpiece exactly shows the thrill of road trips through it.


2) Paap


Shooting location of Paap: Spiti Valley, Kaza, Tabo


After such a popular movie like Highway, we have a film from a bit older times. This crime thriller was shot in Ladakh and Spiti Valley and portrays the lives of monks in the Spiti region. You can peek into the lives of Lamas and Buddhist culture through this film, as well see the spiritual side of Spiti through it. Paap has done an excellent job at portraying the lives of monks through it.


We know that it’s just two films but that explains more about how Spiti is less explored by our great Bollywood films. So, if you want to explore an offbeat destination, you can blindly go on a Spiti Valley bike trip and book your Spiti Valley package as soon as possible.


We’ll be back with another blog. Until then, happy travelling!! 


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