Sports Insurance – What Does It Cover?


Sports insurance coverage provides a unique safety net for sports organisations and individuals when something expected or out-of-bounds occurs. Simply put, it ensures that your insurance covers accidents and losses caused by a sporting event if you’re injured.

Sports Insurance Policies

Sports insurance is a broad term that encompasses a variety of policies. There are many different kinds of sports and motocross insurance. Every sportsperson, team or organisation should consider purchasing each of the following types.

Accident Coverage

Personal Accident and Injury Insurance are necessary for any mishaps during your organisation’s sporting events. It covers you personally for any injuries or illnesses caused by participating in a sporting event. This insurance can help cover medical bills if needed.

Insurance for General Liability

Public Liability Insurance covers you for any legal costs that result from accidental bodily injury or accidental damage to a third party or their property as a direct result of your sporting event and the organisation’s alleged negligence. It is essential to ensure this form of insurance covers everyone involved in the organisation – including directors, officials, employees, and volunteers – not just the organisation itself.

Insurance for Directors and Officers

Professional Indemnity Insurance, like general liability insurance, directors and officers insurance, offers cover in an insurance claim. This policy can include more than just directors and officers, despite the name. It should also protect all employees and volunteers.

Examples of insurance claims include mismanagement, infringement of rights, or causing economic harm or financial loss. It will pay if you settle out of court or if the court rules against you. It will also cover the cost in a court case.

Insurance Against Crime

This insurance protects your organisation from financial losses caused by embezzlement from within the organisation or theft by someone outside the organisation.

Insurance for Equipment

If you lose your sports equipment, your insurance can help you replace it. This type of insurance protects against the loss of sports equipment (such as uniforms, concession equipment, playing equipment, fences, scoreboards, and small structures) due to fire, lightning, wind, theft, or vandalism.

If any of these policies aren’t purchased, you could be sued for managerial negligence if a large claim isn’t covered.

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