Spots in Your Home That Professional House Cleaners Won’t Miss


Professional house cleaners are trained to clean every part of your home, including spots that you might normally miss. The best part about hiring cleaning services in Sunnyvale is that you’ll never have to worry about your home getting dirty sooner. The following are some of the spots that the professionals will clean to ensure that your home sparkles from top to bottom.

Window Blinds:

The first spot that professional house cleaners won’t miss are your window blinds. Not only do they collect dust, but they can also be a breeding ground for bacteria. To clean them properly, they use a vacuum and other cleaning supplies to remove the dust. They will cover both sides of the slats so all of those stubborn fingerprints don’t come back!

Bathroom Mirror:

You might think that all a professional house cleaner would need to do is give your bathroom mirror a quick wipe. However, there are a few other things they’ll do to ensure a streak-free shine. They’ll likely use a cleaning solution that’s specifically designed for mirrors, and they’ll make sure to clean the entire surface – including the edges.

Under Sink Storage:

When it comes to under sink storage, most of us are guilty of shoving everything in and forgetting about it. But over time, this can lead to a big mess. Professional house cleaners know to take everything out and give the area a good cleaning. They’ll also make sure to put everything back in a neat and organized way.

Behind The Toilet:

You may think that since you clean your toilet every week, there’s no way that a professional cleaning services in Sunnyvale would miss it. But there are a few nooks and crannies in and around your toilet that often get overlooked. The area behind the toilet is one of them. It’s important to give this area a good scrubbing every now and then.


Many people forget to vacuum their baseboards, but professional house cleaners know that this is an important step in keeping your home clean. Baseboards collect dust, hair, and other debris, so it’s important to vacuum them regularly. Plus, vacuuming your baseboards will help keep your floors looking cleaner for longer.

Ceiling Fans:

Ceiling fans are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning, but they can actually be one of the dirtiest areas in your home. Dust and dirt can accumulate on the blades, making them difficult to clean. Professional maid service in Sunnyvale will make sure to dust and clean all of the blades on your ceiling fan, making it look like new again.

Professional house cleaners are highly trained at their jobs, and they will likely be able to tackle these areas with ease. With DIY cleaning, these tricky spots can certainly be missed if you don’t know what to look for. Hire a good house cleaning or move out cleaning Sunnyvale service today for a spotless clean!

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