The fear of hospital hygiene and cleanliness at hospitals and the clinics all vanished by choosing the SRL Pathology Labs. Environment cleanliness plays a vital role at SRL Path labs in preventing all health issues. Almost all the patients have a fear about the environment of the clinic, so for this SRL Path labs considers these issues by using the types of equipment of lab experts in a sterile and safe way.


Customers choose SRL Home collection services as these provide the services in a cost-effective manner and patients can easily purchase the health devices or pieces of equipment to keep track on a routine basis. SRL Blood Test also helps the aged people who don’t feel comfortable traveling to a diagnostic Center for a blood test since the aged people get tired easily and they generally suffer the various health problems. For such aged people, SRL Collection Centre services are provided for such patients so they can give their samples at home as it is also a very convenient option.


SRL Lab South Delhi has a team of qualified phlebotomists or various lab clerks who are engaged in providing lab services with various sterilized tools to preserve the integrity of different blood samples. There are some modern techniques used for taking the sample of blood so that various types of blood tests can easily be performed on dry blood samples. The trained professionals of SRL Pathology Labs are well versed in taking the samples of blood so no one needs to be worried about the viability of the results. As the SRL Home Collection is continuously engaged in providing these services with trained professionals with safe techniques that give error-free testing to anyone

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