Many people live with the thought that it is not good to spend long hours in a queue whether it would be in a lab or hospital as this always demotivates everyone. Many people try to avoid going for any type of preventive screenings along with the lab tests as they also dread the traffic that battles in the city. SRL Home Collection believes that health is everyone’s apex priority and travel-related stress of old age people can also increase the risk of infection along with the delayed recovery of any types of diseases.  SRL Home Collection always ensures that care health that is of high quality can become more accessible to the communities. For this SRL Home Collection also extends its services to home sample collection.


The home collection service as the name describes that where a representative of SRL Home Collection will easily provide the diagnostic services at their doorstep. The healthcare specialist with the trained technicians of SRL Path Labs will arrive at your doorstep to collect the samples of blood or any other tests which the customers preferred to do. They will even conduct all the examinations and collect the sample right from the comfort of one’s home. SRL Home Visit provides benefits to all age groups but especially the elder age people benefit from the home visit, most chronically ill patients, bedridden patients, and those who also recover from the post surgery.


SRL Collection Centre conducted some common tests that do not include the blood test like a complete blood picture test but it also covers the blood sugar levels, Prothrombin time and INR, HbA1C levels, kidney function tests, thyroid test, liver function tests, ECG, Urinalysis, cardiac markers, serum electrolytes, arterial blood gases and many more. You can get the test results the next day after conducting the test either by email or by way of post. With the application of modern and advanced technologies, SRL Diagnostic Centre provides a rapid turnaround time with affordable timings and a superior range of quality care. All the methods, testing processes, and technologies are well versed at the SRL Home Collection which provides the best practices in a wide area.


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