Stainless Steel Large Diameter Pipe Manufacturer and Suppliers in India

What is Stainless Steel Large Diameter Pipe? 

Large Diameter Steel Pipe is essential in oil and gas transfer. It was commonly employed for long-distance pipeline projects because it could carry more liquid and had a high flow rate. The utilisation of Large diameter steel pipe is expanding, particularly in recent years. It should be mentioned that a Stainless Steel Large Diameter Pipes is chosen for high pressure pipelines.


Sandco Metal Industries is a well-known Stainless Steel Large Diameter Pipes Manufacturer in India. Our supplied SS Large Diameter Pipes has excellent characteristics such as maximum performance, precise design, high-grade materials, robust construction, and durability. We are also Buttweld Fittings Manufacturer & Suppliers in India.

Application of Large Diameter Steel Pipe

  • Automotive Industry
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Pulp & Paper Industry
  • Constructions
  • Pharmaceuticals Industry
  • Refining Industry


  • Standard – ASME B36.10M /ANSI B36.10M,API,GB,SH,HG,MSS,JIS,DIN ets
  • Thickness Tolerance – ±12.5%
  • Length Min – 3 Metres,Max 12 Metres,or according to customer’s requirement
  • Ends – Beveled/Straight cut,Plastic or Metal ends protectors
  • Coating – lack painting/Vanish painting 3PE coated ECT
  • Marking – According to standard or according the client’s requirement

Large Diameter Steel Pipe Manufacturer, Supplier In India

Sandco Metal Industries is a well-known Stainless Steel Large Diameter Pipes Manufacturer in India. To satisfy the client requirements, these stainless steel large diameter pipe items may be made available in a number of construction and specification choices.

We are also the stainless steel large diameter pipe suppliers in india. The most popular forms of SS Large Diameter Pipes that we create are stainless steel large diameter 304 pipe, SS large diameter 316 pipe, and unique size & grades, however more specialised types of Pipe may be produced.

We also provide Rubber Gasket Manufacturer in India and Stainless Steel Pipe Manufacturers in India

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