Star Rugs are available in many different styles from Persian to Nourison Rugs.

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Star Rugs has a huge selection of area rugs for sale. There are over 586 different styles in total. The collection has a wide range of products from Nourison collaborations to Kathy Irelands touch. Some rugs are classic and some are quite modern. Virtually every taste is represented here. Star Rugs being one of the biggest carpet manufacturers in the Australia offers high quality rugs starting as low as $50 up in to the thousands. There are so many styles it would take you hours just to look thru the whole collection. We have linked directly in to the Star Rugs website that features all their rugs so you can see all of their offerings. They layout of this section is quite user friendly you can search the online catalogue by Style.



The following styles are available: Traditional, Southwestern, Contemporary, Kids, Transitional, Novelty, Floral and Custom rugs.


The next way you can find the rug you are looking for is by colour. These are the colour options you can search by: Natural / Beige, Green, Black / Gray, Light Blue, Gold / Brown / Yellow, Red / Pink / Orange, Purple, and Navy / Multi.


Next you can browse the online catalogue by Shape. The following shapes can be searched by the following choices: Rectangle, Square, Round, Runner, and Extra Large Rugs.

Or you can search by the collection if you already know what you are looking for, Right now if you decided to order from us you can call (02)83856483 or fill out the order form. If you fill out the order form it will guarantee you a response.


Let me talk about some of the collections that are available from Star Rugs.


The Anthology collection features traditional Persian rug designs made from wilton woven construction. The material used on these fine rugs is 100 percent New Zealand Wool. The colours in this collection are traditional antique looking colours to give a real vintage look to your home. These rugs are good enough to be passed down from generation to generation and become a family heirloom.


The next collection worth mentioning is the Antiquities collection. These rugs are designed by the artists of the world famous Nourison rug company. The patterns in this collection are patterns that evoke impressions of old world artisans of Persia and Europe. Each rug is Wilton woven in nylon with a velvet lustre. This collection has been recognized with the Dealer’s Choice Award for its Karabagh Linen and Vienna Beige designs, and an ADEX Award for meshed Bricks.


Jack Nicklaus has a collection of rugs that is made by Star Rugs. These beauties capture traditional excellence and perfection in the best wool. The designs are 18 century designs rich in tradition and authenticity using a colour combination that fit today’s lifestyles. Floral patterns can be found in this rug collection that are reminiscent of 18th century Europe. Every detail has been paid attention to in this fine collection just like anything that Jack Nicklaus is involved in.

Kathy Ireland is responsible for 6 collections in this catalogue. She has a variety of different ranges from the Aloha collection that features flower patterns and has an island style to the young accents collection which is geared towards kids.


Mary Kate and Ashley the most popular girls brand in America is represented here. The styles are perfectly styled for the lifestyle fashions of young women. This collection captures the latest trends with hip combinations of colour, texture and patterns.

The Shag collection by Kate and Ashley features designs that include funky floral, bold geometrics and a dazzling assortment of other stunning motifs in a vivid colour palette. Printed nylon rugs are complemented by thick and heavy nylon shag rugs to enhance any room with an exciting, youthful spirit.


Phillip Crowe the nature artist has a collection of rugs that appeal to those of you that have a bend towards nature. His rugs reflect the excitement of nature. Some of the designs feature traditional hunting motifs.


These are just the highlights of the collections that are available. There are 36 collections total which is just too many to list here. I may talk about a few more in the future or if there is one that you are familiar with or if there is a collection that you actually own a rug out of post a comment and share your experience with us. Visit to get more rugs collection or buy rugs online or from store.






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