Star Wars: 5 Things Kylo Ren Can Do

Kylo Ren is one of the most powerful characters of the Star Wars film series. He was first introduced in the film Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the year 2015. In this film, the actor Adam Driver played the role of Kylo Ren. He was the child of Han Solo & Princess Leia Organa, and also known as Ben Solo. He was emotionally unstable and tortured. He had fantastic abilities with the Force.

Here we will discuss some five things that Kylo Ren Can do.

Force Heal

Kylo has the ability of Force healing and which is the most important ability of a Jedi. He had shown his ability of Force healing when he healed Rey and brought him back from the dead in a battle with Palpatine.

Force Rage

Force rage is another great ability possessed by Kylo Ren. It is a very dangerous ability. Any Force user who utilized this ability had put them at the risk of falling to the Dark Side. However, Kylo utilized this ability and often reached into his dark, but that was his skill to show.


Tutaminis is a kind of ability possessed by a Force user to absorb an attack and divert those energies away from one. It has been seen several times in this universe. Kylo Ren also has this ability according to his massive strength while using the Force.

Force Stasis

Force stasis is one of the most vital abilities that can be wielded by a stronger user of the Force. Kylo also wielded this ability and seen it several times using this ability. According to the Star Wars series, at one point, Kylo was capable of keeping a bolt from hitting him, while at another, he used it against Rey.

Enhance Attribute

Enhance attribute is a kind of ability that was generated by the Force that allows a user to enhance a certain part of the performance of their body. Kylo Ren was a formidable user of the Force and also could wield this ability as well. He has also shown his ability several times to show his class in using the Force.\

After discussing all the five abilities that are unique and strong enough, we have concluded that Kylo Ren was a perfect Force user with almost all the skills of the Force. He was an immense user of the Force and one of the most powerful characters of the Star Wars universe.

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