Star Wars Reveals Purge Troopers Were Clones

Star Wars recently shared that the Purge Troopers are the endmost group of Kaminoan from the famous Clone Wars. Dark Times is named for the duration of the King’s rule. And that time was a long period without desire. It was when the Kingdom was at the potential Rebels and kept their heads lower to avoid getting slaughtered.

Star Wars is an epic space media franchise created by George Lucas, and soon it became a pop-culture phenomenon. The franchise has been expanded into video games, television games, comic books, novels, and themed parks. It also holds a Guinness World Record for the most successful movie merchandising franchise. Star Wars is the fifth-highest gross media franchise.

The Star Wars universe depicts the adventure of a long time ago in a galaxy far away. In the world, humans live with many species of aliens and other ‘droids’ and robots. In the plot, a mystical power known as ‘The Force’ is described as an energy field created by all living things that bind the galaxy together. And someone with proper training and meditation can use the force as superpowers, including precognition, telepathy, telekinesis, and manipulating physical energy. Two knightly orders majorly wield the force at their conflict; they are the Sith, who use the dark side of the force by manipulating aggression and fear; and the Jedi, peacekeepers who act on the light side of the force through arbitration and attachment.

Darth Vader is responsible for hunting Jedi survivors, and he cut through them with ease. In the initial days, Darth Vader was with the mass of Inquisitors, who are survivors of Order 66 and had corrupted the dark version. They were also strengthened by a gang of Purge Troopers and the soldiers who the Empire considered replaceable.

Recently, Lucasfilm has published The Star Wars Book, with the contributions by Dan Zehr, Cole Horton, and Pablo Hidalgo. It discloses the Purge Troopers’ origin, who were considered best stormtroopers (that was not entirely true). And after the recent disclosure, it turns out that the Purge Troopers were duplicates. The book states: “Assisting the Inquisitors are the PurgeTroopers, the last group of Kaminoan troopers who are clothed in black shield and are specially skilled to tackle with lightsaber-wielding foes.”

The explanation perfectly fits and explains why the Purge Troopers were continuously chasing the Jedi. And with absolutely no concern for welfare, they implanted computer chips inside the brains and were influenced by Inquisitors. It is doubtful Purge Troopers had a long expected life, and the Inquisitors did not survive long to chase Luke Skywalker, and the last one of them is killed in Star Wars Rebels.

The recent revelations about the Star Wars series generate lots of curiosity within fans. However, it is yet to watch when the franchise brings its next installment.

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