A respiratory Protection System is a kick start for a healthy future!

An N95 mask is used when you work in an environment that has levels of dust, especially those in the construction industry. An N95 filter protects you from inhaling dust particles and prevents the build up of dust mites within the respiratory system. There are different types of N95 mask in the market. They differ in features and quality and one may suit your needs better than the other.

How the different types of mask s differ from each other-

• There are three major types of N95 mask filters. The first one is the cartridge-based filter which has a disposable filter base and an upper metallic valve. The cartridge-based filter is considered the safest of the three because it releases toxic gases into the air but does not clog the breathing passageway. However, the valve cannot be opened easily by people handling the machine and it may cause a malfunction of the machine.

• Another type of N95 mask is the particulate filtering respirator which has a metal plate in between two outer cylinders. When the air passes through the plates, the fine particles are caught by the particulates and kept outside of the breathing passageway. These particles are very fine and they do not accumulate so they do not cause much discomfort. However, this kind of respirator is not that efficient at removing dust particles or fumes from the air. It works by trapping tiny particles within the metal plates before the air streams through it.

• One important feature of N95 masks is the ventilation. Some kinds of masks release small amount of steam while others contain vents that can be closed during exhalation to let out misty and humid air. This feature allows you to control the amount of mist released from the exhalation valve. However, some manufacturers include additional features such as an adjustable nose mask and an adjustable chin guard. This will allow you to change your breathing pattern based on the situation so that you can take more or less breaths in a particular period of time.

• You should always keep the size of the N95 mask in mind. Make sure that the wearer does not feel uncomfortable in it or he or she might complain about the fit. The N95 mask should fit perfectly onto the face of the wearer. If the wearer sweats, the mask will become loose and can cause small particles to escape from it and possibly aggravate the skin.

Points one should know before choosing a N95 respirator –

There are several sizes of N95 masks. The most commonly used size is the one that fits snugly on the face. You can also find ones with strap on insides and those that have a button at the back to close the mouthpiece. All of these models have a standard sized breathing passage, which is about six to eight inches. Some N95 masks also have elongated faces and this one is called the long-nose respirator.

The other option is to go for the ones that come with headbands. These are made of plastic and are very comfortable for the wearer. Since they do not have straps, they are more convenient to put on than the previous one. However, these kind of N95 masks require rigorous testing before you can obtain its approval number.

Aside from the standard N95 masks, there are other brands of this product that are manufactured specially for pandemic prevention.

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