Start your Escrow Service using Bitcoin Escrow Script

What is Bitcoin Escrow?

             Bitcoin Escrow is a service which helps to Secure the transactions of products or Services or bitcoins and it can be anything from the buyers to sellers and protect them from scams. It is one of the highly trustable services which is mostly used in banking industries. 


What is Bitcoin Escrow Script?


             Bitcoin Escrow Script helps to launch the most securable p2p crypto exchange website like localbitcoins. And it is a website script which can be written in any programming language like HTML, Java, PHP and also in any other language. 


Process of Bitcoin Escrow and how it works?


             Escrow acts as a third party admin which helps secure the transaction between buyers and sellers whereas buyers and sellers will sign the agreement to the third party admin. The agreement consists of money, products, services, bitcoins and all types of transactions. So that sellers or buyers will not be able to make a scam while transaction, If any Scams happens then Escrow will be responsible for that and it will resolve it fastly.


Work flow of Bitcoin Escrow

  1. Sellers and buyers sign the agreement of tractions which consists of every details.
  2. If the buyer needs  Bitcoins, the seller will send the Bitcoins to an escrow admin wallet so that the buyer will get notified about that Bitcoins transacted.
  3. After the notification is received to the buyer, the buyer will send the payment to the seller.
  4. Once the seller receives the payment he/she will instruct the escrow admin wallet to deliver the Bitcoins.
  5. After this the transaction contract will get closed.


Where to get the Bitcoin Escrow Script?

        There are many p2p cryptocurrency exchange development companies are there who provide Bitcoin Escrow Script, among those Bitdeal is the top most and best p2p cryptocurrency exchange development company who provides Bitcoin Escrow Script and help startups to initiate bitcoin escrow services like bitraded, escrowmybits, localbitcoins,setescrow,bitify and etc. Bitdeal’s Bitcoin Escrow Script features includes,


  1. Inbuilt with Multisig wallet (bitgo js wallet / copay /GreenAddres / Xapo)


  1. Flexible to Executed with Smart contracts. 


  1. Accelerated Speed.


4.High speed in generating encrypted keys.


  1. KYC/ AML/OTC Integrated.


And more..


After reading this article you will come to know the detailed view of Bitcoin Escrow Script and you may understand the advantages and benefits of Bitcoin Escrow Script. If you need a trusted Escrow Script with advanced security features at low cost  you can contact Bitdeal.


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