-Introducing to one of the devices you own. If you are actively subscribing to Starz via TV providers that participated , or directly through You can watch the variety of original Starz films and Shows such as Spartacus, Outlander and also Power.

To stream Starz on your preferred living room device like Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV and others. You must get on the Starz TV application and activate it via Follow this step-by-step guide to see which parties you are most interested in by using this Starz app on the devices you stream.

How to Activate Account?

  • Go to the Google Play Store and download the official version to the Starz play application.
  • Start the Storz play application.
  • Log into your account using your login details.
  • Record the activation number.
  • Visit using a browser on the internet.
  • Input the number.


Navigate to the main page, and click Login. Then, you’ll select which method you’d like to sign into. If it’s an internet, satellite, cable or telecom provider choose TV Provider. Select your service provider on the next screen.

If you don’t find it, click See All Providers. If it’s still not visible, contact your provider whether they have access to the STARZ application.

If you have immediate access of the streaming services, sign into your account using the username and email that you wish to use to use to set up your account.

How do I enable Starz on different devices?

The method of activation is dependent on the device you’re using. Here may be a guide for activating Starz on different devices:

How do I enable Star on Roku

  1. Visit the Roku Channel Store.
  2. Add the STARZ App/Channel.
  3. Go to the STARZ app or channel.
  4. Log into the STARZ app using the email address you used to sign in and your password.
  5. Or, check-in using your TV Provider Information.
  6. Utilizing an internet browser, go to
  7. You must enter your STARZ activation code that was displayed at the Roku TV screen within the box.

How do you enable Star for Star Amazon Fire devices

  1. Navigate to Home Screen on your device and open the Appstore.
  2. Look on the internet for an app, and install it to your device.
  3. Open the app on the device, and sign in with your email address and password
  4. Visit to enter your activation code that is displayed on the device’s screen to enable the service and start streaming.

How do I enable Starz for Apple TV? Apple TV

  1. Go to the Home Screen on the Apple TV and then launch the App Store.
  2. Look for the app, then download it onto your device.
  3. Start the app and log to your account using your login details (email or password)
  4. Visit to enter the activation code that is displayed at the Apple TV screen and click to enable the streaming service.

How do I enable Starz on Xfinity

  1. Click the Guide button on the remote of your device to show the most guide (channel list)
  2. Explore the guide, then select the channel you want to add to your favorite channels
  3. Open the channel and log into the channel using your email address and password
  4. Visit then enter in the activation code that is displayed on your screen.

How do I enable Starz for Sling TV

  1. Log into Your Sling TV accounts (or register for a replacement account if you aren’t already a sling TV customer)
  2. Click on Change Subscription to access the account settings section
  3. Click the +Select button found just below Starz.
  4. Click Submit Order to add the channel in your Sling TV service.


Making available on any compatible device is easy. The additional step of authorizing the device takes only 2 seconds and appears to function flawlessly. It’s a shame that not all apps were as easy!

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