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Starz made its debut as the first phase of a seven-channel thematic multiplex that was launched by (then Encore Media Group) over the course of the succeeding eight months, with the remaining six channels being launched between July and September has three tiers of service: Free, Premium, and Premium Plus. The Premium tier is a subscription-based service which includes Peacock’s full library of content, while the Free tier contains a subset of its content. Though was first announced by Studio 3 Partners as strictly a premium service, it eventually began to seek distribution as a hybrid premium/digital basic channel, although its programming would be presented without editing for airtime or objectionable content and without commercial advertising.Showtime anytime/activate was launched on July 1, 1976, on Times-Mirror Cable systems in Escondido, Long Beach and Palos Verdes, California through the conversion of 10,000 subscribers of the previous Channel One franchise. Disney+ relies on technology developed by Streaming Services, which was originally established as BAMTech in 2015 when it was spun off from MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM).

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