States With the Highest Rate of Issued Speeding Tickets

It just isn’t right.

All the benefits that a political body makes from our hard earned efforts are used to make their lives easier, and ours harder!

Whether it’s a speeding ticket lawyer mineola or not, the amount of money governments make from fines and the like is absolutely outrageous.

It’s amazing how quick another government will enforce the use of speed radar recording devices once they notice a raise in revenue for another state.

What if they had to raise money for a drought stricken community? Or the homeless being left on the streets? Where’s the money needed to help those causes? They certainly said they couldn’t find it.

Flip it around, come pay review time, oh look there’s that money! Everywhere to be found!!! And there’s even enough for that governments entire administration to receive a massive pay packet boost. It isn’t right!

I have been on the watch recently, taking note of which cities have been hit hard and making a reference to the ones that are about to feel the hefty wallop of a speeding fine.

Here for your perusal are the major places that get issued speeding fines and the amounts they have incurred for the governments own stimulus package.

Florida – Florida gets an average of 82 fines per day!

Georgia – Georgia’s average daily traffic ticket tally is 73.

Nevada – The normal daily speeding fine quota for the Nevada police force is also 73. Surprisingly enough, both Georgia and Nevada daily ticket tally equalled the same daily amount when compared to each other.

Texas – Of all the places to have a high speeding ticket issued percentage, the most unlikely candidate to be in the top 5 would be Texas. Believe it or not, the average speeding ticket fine issued for Texas on a daily basis is 72.

Alabama – Even Alabama has a speeding ticket tally that equals a total of 67.

Missouri – Missouri is calculated to bring in 66 speeding fines a day.

New York – I was surprised myself when I found out that New York had a daily issue of 65. One would have thought a higher rate of issued fines for such a busy place like New York, but, luckily for New York, facts don’t lie.

North Carolina – North Carolina is slowly creeping up. Their daily average speeding ticket fines amount to 62.

District of Columbia – At number ten, lucky last, it’s the District of Columbia. If you live close by you could expect to see a daily average of 60 speeding tickets issued.

So how much do they actually make in terms of revenue?

Let’s start with the states averages. First we add the entire amount of issued speeding ticket fines together – 619 issued fines in a single day in only 10 states.

Now  speeding ticket lawyer nassau county we will say each fine had an average value of $120 each, that’s a combined total of $74,280 a day!

The above are all averages out of a 100 fines issued per officer at any given time.

When an officer issues a speeding ticket fine, only a certain amount will be enforced due to disputes that succeeded in court against the issued infringement.

The main conclusion I’m coming to is, when anyone sees a police car pulled over to the side of the road they should feel more comfortable in their presence or at least not bothered by it. However, even the most safest of drivers will admit that they are struck with fear when they see a police car issuing speeding fines.

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