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BeautyPaycoin cryptocurrency

Beauty Pay Coin (BPC) is a cryptocurrency dedicated to the beauty industry. It uses blockchain technology for a hassle-free selling of beauty products online.

Beauty pay coin (BPC) is the arena’s first-ever cryptocurrency completely made for the beauty industry. Combining blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, BPC permits smooth and comfy peer-to-peer (p2p) transactions. Through the beauty pay blockchain, that’s initially based on ethereum, manufacturers, stores, influencers, and shoppers can work hand-in-hand in constructing a decentralized beauty network. Powered by using the radical xpc protocol, splendor product purchases can be conducted securely. BPC is the local virtual forex to be utilized within splendor play, a social e-trade platform for splendor services and products. Right here, consumers and sellers can interact with every other at the same time as advertisers and influencers can promote their brands and merchandise. Especially, BPC will take advantage of the increase of social media and influencer marketing in phrases of bringing modern splendor-centric solutions. Moreover, BPC, along with different cryptos and fiat, might be integrated as a beauty price gateway in beauty play.

where can I buy BPC?

BPC Coin is now available on digifinex, stex, exmarkets, and crex24. Deposits, trading, and withdrawals on these exchanges were opened to all customers from June 12, 2020. You can buy and sell BPC on the abovementioned exchanges, with extra exchange listings to be introduced inside the close to future. Here are the trading pairs for each exchange.



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