Stay Protected with Top-Notch Home Warranty Plans

When a fire breaks out in someone’s home, insurance can help the homeowner recover. However, what does someone do when the dryer or the refrigerator just stops working? Do they just buy or finance a new one?

Most people might think so, but happily, they would be wrong. A home warranty would help them save money repairing or replacing their old systems.


What are Home Warranty Plans?

Home warranty plans protect homeowners’ products from everyday wear and tear. They cover many household appliances and systems in situations where homeowners insurance may not apply.

Items covered under home warranty could include:

  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Heating Systems
  • Plumbing Systems
  • Refrigerators
  • Ovens
  • Washers and Dryers
  • Ceiling fans
  • Water Heaters

Benefits of Home Warranty Plans

Natural disasters can cause substantial damage to a house’s plumbing and other systems. Repairing or replacing everything can get expensive very quickly. Homeowners insurance can minimize those costs and help homeowners get back on their feet faster.

However, people concerned about the safety of their homes and assets should also consider investing in home warranty plans. Their significant benefits include the following:

  • The coverage is more than worth the cost. The company which issues the home warranty plan will pay to replace or fix any covered item, not the homeowner.
  • The best providers of home warranty plans offer fast, effective service. When something breaks down, customers can simply call their companies and deal with the problem painlessly.
  • Home warranty plans give homeowners and their loved ones fantastic piece of mind. They can trust that they will not fall into financial ruin if a catastrophe occurs.

Home warranty plans give customers significant ROI. Some companies even offer their clients regular maintenance on covered systems and accessories. This can prevent products from breaking down at all. By extending the lifetimes of various products, a home warranty can end up reducing the expenses associated with them.

Home Warranty v. Homeowners Insurance

It should be stressed that a home warranty is not the same thing as homeowners insurance. People could use homeowners insurance to pay for a washing machine or an AC unit which was destroyed in a fire. However, insurance would not cover them if their equipment just broke down.

Instead of replacing insurance, a home warranty plan works hand in hand with it. It fills in any gaps regarding service and maintenance in a homeowner’s policy.

The Home Service Club delivers industry-leading home warranty plans. Its large network of independent home service contractors is ready and willing to meet the repair and maintenance needs of clients.

About The Home Service Club

The Home Service Club is a recognized industry leader in home warranty field. It offers fast, comprehensive maintenance and repairs at affordable home warranty cost to customers in 49 states.

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