Staying in Luxury Hotels with Stunning Pools

A luxury hotel, in any part of the world, is known for its class. Its swimming pools are seen with equal awe. Hotels of luxury class in any geographic location under any climatic conditions have at least a couple of pools for swimming either right beside an ocean or at the base of a mighty mountain. Many hotel architects design the pool in sync with the overall architecture and essence of the hotel. The environment around the pool matters a lot. Apart from standard deck chairs and towel spreads, there are palm groves or other shady exquisite trees surrounding the blue-green water. Hotels with nice pools are a hit among frequent travellers who are the connoisseurs of beauty and luxury. During the winters, the guest enjoys basking in the sun beside the pool. During the sweltering summers, they enjoy splashing into the pools. A pool is like a jewel in the crown and it is one of the most photographed objects in the entire hotel. The beauty of the pool adds to a stunning view of the luxury hotels of the world.

Countries in the gulf are super-rich and so are most of its citizens and the hordes of tourists who flock in large number to the opulent hotels look for the stunning pools in them. Most of the popular luxury hotels are situated in the Business Bay area of Dubai. The hotels in these areas have hundreds of aesthetically designed rooms and suites. There are restaurants, bars, lounges, karaoke rooms and so on.

These hotels are popular among both business and leisure travellers. The place is just a 25-minute drive from Dubai Airport and just 5-minute drive to the famous Burj Kalifa. The lounges of these hotels overlook the Dubai Water Canal and there is an open bar, flat screens for entertainment and relaxation. You can enjoy yourself sitting in the Club lounge exclusive food and beverage. You can taste exquisite cuisines from around the world in the dining area. There are facilities for meetings and conferences in the banquet halls and conference rooms with state-of-the-art audio-visual technology at your service. There are rooms of the following types:

• Standard rooms
• Deluxe rooms
• Executive suites
• Luxury suites
• Penthouse suits

These rooms provide both luxury and practicality. Some rooms are specially crafted for business travellers. All these rooms provide privacy and comfort that make you feel special and your time well-spent.

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