Steel vs. Wood: What Type of Shelters You Should Prefer for Horses

Home, where people live and spend a lot of time with their family, and it is the necessity of life. However, the shelter is not only essential for human beings, but it is also vital for every other species like a horse, cow, bull, and camel. It saves from bad weather conditions like thunderstorms, torrential rain, snow, blizzard, etc.

However, in the nineties, people often used wood barns for their horse’s shelter, but they had to protect their shelters from termites, insects, and pests. These germs chew the wood and left hollow wood inside. But if you want your shelter secure from pests, you can use the metal building.

Steel buildings are good to keep the horses safe, or you do not need to maintain them like wood buildings. A pre-engineered steel building life is good; it can stand for many decades with fair maintenance. 

When it comes to comparing between the metal shelter and wood shelter, it is crucial to note that a steel shelter has more advantages than wood. Here are some essential points of building a steel horse shelter on your property. 

Low-Maintenance: Wooden buildings are not weather-resistant, and even these buildings can not withstand harsh weather conditions. Wood structures are subject to wrapping, cracking, mold, termite damage, and other problems that require good maintenance. 

However, in a steel building, you do not need to face this kind of problem. Pre-fabric steel structures are free from insects and pests. Metal buildings are made of galvanized steel that prevents rust in raining season. By avoiding all these things, you can save a few dollars on a steel building’s maintenance.

 Pre-fabricated steel buildings can stand for many decades with low coast maintenance. A metal building is also cost-effective compared to wooden building maintenance; if you have a low budget, it will be right for you to go with a steel structure.

With a steel home, you can save a significant amount and buy more horses for your steel horse barn.  

Offer Full Safety: When we talk about safety, steel buildings provide adequate protection in comparison to wooden structures. Pre-fabric steel buildings can easily bear the weight of heavy snow, torrential rain, thunderstorms compared to wood barns. If you do not clear snow from the wooden building roof, it might be damaged or break. Your horses might get hurt. But in steel buildings, chances are less of happening all this. 

Pre-fabric steel structures are built to stand-in adverse weather and protect your horses, along with all their other essential items. 

Longevity: Longevity makes steel structures ideal in other material buildings. Due to the strongness, it can survive in worst to worst weather conditions without damage. Rough weather can cause a wood crack and warp, which can lead to big issues like rotting and leaking—however, this kind of problem you will not have to face in metal homes. Metal Structure provides excellent strength to weight ratio than wood. Hence, people are using steel structures for storage purposes.  

Due to the durability of the steel, people are moving towards the metal buildings. Now, you can easily see people using steel structures for their vehicles, Livestock, and pets. 

Flexibility: Steel structures give you a fully customizing option compared to wooden frames. You can also design a metal building’s interior as per your choice. But if you go with wooden material for making the clear-span building and roof. In this case, the structural columns, wood walls, and beams need to be fixed close together, which may not give you good working space. Pre-fabricated clear-span metal buildings allow you to use fewer beams, steel walls due to strong steel and give you vast working space. 

However, if you want to customize your metal horse buildings at a later stage or extend your metal structure due to more horses, you can easily customize them. But in wood, it’s not easy to customize, or if you do, it can be a bit more expensive than steel. 

Cost-Effective: If you want to save some bucks on your horse barn, then a metal building is the best option for you in comparison to a wooden one. Wooden barns are more costly to build and maintain than steel buildings.

If you are familiar with installing metal structures, you can order a pre-fabricated DIY metal kit and build your metal building yourself. By doing this, you can save your labor cost on building installation.


These are the few advantages of having a metal structure over a conventional wood structure. These points will help you to make a decision to make a metal horse barn instead of wood.

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