Stem Cell Treatments to Relieve Ankle Pain

Our ankles support our body to stand, move and provide balance. It is a flexible joint that allows the foot to move and rotate. Ankle pain can occur in any part of the ankle and can cause extreme discomfort. With severe pain in the ankle, one would not walk freely and do the regular daily activities. Depending on the cause of the pain, one may feel pain, stiffness, and swelling at the injured area of the ankle. 


Usually, over-the-counter pain medicines and anti-inflammatory medications are the immediate and common conservative options to relieve ankle pain. However, ankle pain does not subside permanently if there is an underlying medical condition causing pain. Also, in some conditions, the doctor might recommend physical therapy to ease the ankle pain. Currently, there are various advanced options available for sprained foot treatment across the globe. 


Advanced non-surgical treatments for ankle injuries 


Stem cell therapy is the most advanced non-surgical treatment option that relieves ankle and foot pain with autologous stem cells. Sprained ankle treatment with stem cells reduces the ankle pain and inflammation without surgery. Some of the most common foot and ankle injuries treated with autologous stem cells and platelets are ankle instability, tarsal tunnel syndrome, bunions, ligament sprain or tear, plantar fasciitis, and ankle arthritis. Stem cell therapy for ankle relieves ankle pain and prevents future injuries.


During the process of stem cell therapy, stem cells are harvested from the bone marrow of the patient, and they are processed in a laboratory to obtain a concentrated form of stem cells for the treatment. The stem cells are injected into the injured area of the ankle by using advanced image-guided techniques like fluoroscopy and ultrasound imaging. This allows accuracy and prevents the risk of complications. Later, the procedure is followed by platelet therapy, during which a sample of blood is collected from a vein of the patient and concentrated in a laboratory. Platelets provide additional healing growth factors and enhance the process of healing. 


Stem cell therapy for orthopedic conditions in Dallas is helping people to avoid surgery for ankle problems. People who receive stem cell and platelet injections for ankle problems can typically need very little to no downtime for recovery. The orthopedic clinics that provide foot and ankle treatments in Dallas have specially trained doctors who are specialized in interventional medicine. 


Benefits of stem cell therapy for ankle pain 


With the numerous benefits that stem cells carry, stem cell therapy for foot and ankle pain in Dallas is currently gaining popularity, and most people are shifting their focus towards regenerative medicine. Stem cell therapy is a same-day, outpatient treatment that does not require a hospital stay. The patients who receive stem cell injections would need a few hours of stay in the clinic and can get back to their home at their ease. Stem cell therapy for ankles is a highly safe procedure and does not result in any side effects and complications. The stem cells and platelets used in the procedure are harvested from the patient’s body, where the chances of side effects and complications are zero. Some of the patients might experience slight pain at the injection site, which can be addressed by over-the-counter pain medications. 


Stem cell treatment for ankle pain needs less time for recovery and rehabilitation. Stem cell injections reduce joint pain and inflammation within a few weeks of receiving stem cells. Additionally, platelets are injected into the injured area to speed up the process of recovery. Once the stem cell therapy is done, the patient is suggested to go for regular physiotherapy exercises to fasten the recovery and to enable free movement of the ankle joint.

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