Step up Your Game With These Top 5 YouTube Video Cameras

Today we’re looking at top 5 YouTube cameras that will be perfect for creating your YouTube channel or any social media platform. Whether you’re a blogger, an influencer, an educator or cinematic filmmaker, this article will have you covered. We are going to include, both the mainstream studio cameras plus the artsy niche cameras that you probably wouldn’t think about.  We’re going to deep dive and figure out exactly what each camera does and exactly which camera’s going to help you crush it and stand out on YouTube.

YouTube content is very diverse, and here are the best video cameras for the platform.

YouTube Video Cameras

Canon M50

The first camera on the list is the Canon M50 which is the right one for most of you. It starts at $650 with a lens and SD card which, in my opinion, is a pretty good deal. It has a 24MP sensor which is very middle of the road but it has a gorgeous Canon HD from 24fps up to 60fps which is very useful. You can get real-time cinematic footage plus a little bit of slow motion. This camera does have 4K. However, it records 4K with a pretty significant crop. I wouldn’t suggest using it for regular vlogging, but you may use it for speciality stuff like a time-lapse, interviews etc. What makes this camera special is the colour science? Canon cameras are known for their colour science. The way this camera handles skin tones and colour tones are just perfect. It also features an external mic input. You cannot do YouTube videos without reliable audio. It has a side flip screen which makes it easier to see what you’re doing-especially when you’re pointing the camera at yourself.

Sony A6400

This camera has mostly everything, but you know, ‘everything’ comes at a price. This model starts at $999 but provides a ton more horsepower compared to the M50. It has a 24MP APS-C size sensor but don’t let that small sensor fool you because this camera does HD from 24fps to a 100fps. It is excellent in low light up to 20-30ISO. On top of that, it has cinema profiles that are great for crafting a look. As if that wasn’t enough, this camera does phenomenal 4K in both 24fps and 30fps. Further, it features the Venice Colours which has colours from the Sony’s Venice cameras which are Sony’s bleeding edge, top of the line, cinema cameras. I think A6400 is the most powerful camera on this list and is aimed towards anybody who wants to make a lot of cinematic content.

Dji Osmo Pocket

It has a 12MP sensor, and in Full HD it does 24 up to 60fps with a special mode that does a 120fps. What makes the camera special is Gimbal? It allows you to get perfectly smooth shots. Basically, any camera movie you can think of. Plus, with that Gimbal you have ‘Face Tracking’ so you could just put the camera down on the table and walk around. It is also capable of doing Motion Time Lapses and Panoramas. All these are unique tools that could help to set your video apart. The autofocus in these cameras is pretty decent. It is super small and compact, so it is straightforward to carry around. All in all, this is the camera for you if you’re a budget travel vlogger.

Canon 80D

If you’re somebody that’s a professional vlogger, i.e. vlogging almost every day of the week, pumping out three to four videos a week, this is the camera for you. This camera features a 24MP sensor and does full HD up to 60fps. It comes with Canon’s Dual Pixel Autofocus which is very reliable and does a great job with face tracking. However, if you want a little more horsepower, the Canon 90D, a slightly newer version of this camera features Full HD up to a 120fps. It also features a better processor compared to the 80D, which gives it way better Autofocus. If you have the money to spend, feel free to get the 90D instead of the 80D. However, for most people who are vloggers or someone doing self-interviews, you’ll be just fine with the 80D. Jumping to the 90D is only a viable option if you want a 120fps, FHD or 4K.

Canon G7 X MK3

This camera rocks a 20MP sensor. While it’s disappointing that it doesn’t have a 24MP, it will be tough for you to notice that 4MP. It features a Canon HD, which is very sharp and detailed. It goes up to 120fps from 24, which is fabulous at this price point, plus it does 4K at both 24 and 30fps. All of this for just $750. We have already talked about Canon’s amazing Colour Science. Pretty much everything looks good on Canon cameras, and you will barely have to do anything. The lens is a 24-100mm lens which is pretty wide and pretty telephoto to get closeups. The lens is pretty fast owing to its aperture of 1.8-2.8 which is very good for low light photography. The autofocus turned out to be pretty good considering its small, compact built. The huge selling point of this camera is its built-in stabilization. So, if you’re walking around with the camera or vlogging with it, the videos will come out pretty smooth.

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