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With the advancement of modern technology and growing fast use of the internet, there has been observed a great hike in the various number of viruses or malware. These harmful viruses directly attack your computer systems or laptops, resulting in corrupting your important data or information and stealing your confidential private information. Viruses like Ransomware can also lock your data and computer system permanently until you pay some access to get access to the computer system or laptop back.

To deal with all these harmful online threats including various viruses, phishing scams, malware, and Trojan horses, Norton Antivirus software program has come up with a vast array of antivirus security software. A user can select any of Norton Antivirus security from Norton Security Deluxe, Norton Security Standard, Norton Security Premium, Norton Core Security WiFi Router, Norton WiFi Privacy, Norton Antivirus Security Basics, and Norton Small Business as per their particular requirements. The difference between all these antivirus security software from Norton lies in the level of security and the various number of computer system’s they protect from the harmful viruses. Norton security software program has been also classified keeping in mind the diverse specifications of both the consumers and businesses using Mac OS or Windows.

To get any of the Norton security software program to your computer system, all you require to do is download, activate and install it from

Issues of Norton Antivirus Software Program:-

During any of these three different processes, if you face any problem then contact our Norton customer support helpline number for instant support by a verified technician. We give Norton Antivirus customer support for all Norton setup errors including the following:-

  1. No License Available Error.
  2. Error in Downloading Norton Antivirus Software Program.
  3. Error in Installing Norton Antivirus Software Program.
  4. Error in the activation of Norton Antivirus software program.
  5. Not able to scan your computer system for junk files and viruses.
  6. Uninstalling a previously installed antivirus or security software program from your device.
  7. Norton Setup compatibility problems with your windows operating system.
  8. Unable to update Norton Antivirus setup.
  9. Transferring your Norton license to a brand new device.
  10. Installing Norton Antivirus setup on a mobile device.

Steps for Downloading the Setup for Norton Antivirus:-

  1. Sign in to your Norton account or register, if you are a first new user.
  2. Open the Norton Antivirus Setup window and click download on any of the particular Norton security software program.
  3. Setup its license product key.
  4. Click agree and hit the download button.

Steps for Installing the Setup for Norton Antivirus:-

  1. When done with downloading, follow these given steps to initiate and then complete the installation of your Norton Antivirus setup: (Please note that the initial steps may be quite a little different depending upon the internet browser you are using).
  2. Google Chrome- You have to Double-click on the downloaded setup.
  3. IE or Microsoft Edge web Browser – Hit-run on the downloaded file.
  4. Firefox or Safari web browser – Go to download tab, find your file from the list and then double-click on the setup which is downloaded.
  5. Now, follow the further instructions to finish the entire process of installation.

Steps for Activating the Norton Antivirus Setup:-

  1. Open the installed setup for Norton Antivirus software.
  2. Visit the main window and click on help.
  3. Enter the license product key, if asked.
  4. Finally, click the further instruction and then activate to finish the process of activation.

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