Direct Steps to Change Change Password on Outlook

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Whenever you use an email client such as Outlook, you need a password to add to your account so that you can log in to your account whenever you need to send or receive emails. You can also protect your Outlook data file with a password. You can change the Outlook password anytime you want. Outlook help number can be contacted when you need help to change your Outlook password.

To change the password for Outlook, follow the given steps:

  • Go to the Outlook account password reset page.

  • Click on ‘I forgot my password’ and then click on ‘Next’ to start the reset process.

  • Enter the Outlook account email address that you want to change the password for.

  • Now select how you want to receive the reset code. It depends on what recovery methods are associated with your account. If you have added an alternate email address or any phone number to your account then you can get the reset code sent to any one of them.

  • Now enter the code that you receive and this will open the password reset page.

  • Now enter a new password for your account and confirm it by entering it twice.
  • This will get you signed out of your account and you can log in again by using the new password for your Outlook account.

There is another method to change the Outlook password as follows:

  • Click on the ‘File’ tab and then select ‘Info’.

  • Now click the ‘Tools’ option and then select ‘Account settings’.

  • This will show you all your connected accounts.

  • Now select the account you want to change the password for.

  • Click on ‘Change’ option to open the details of your account.

  • Now enter the correct password in the ‘Password’ field under the ‘Logon information’ section.

  • This will change the password Outlook requires to access your account and not the actual email password.

  • Click ‘Next’ to save your new password. After this Outlook will try logging in using the password you provided. You will receive a congratulations message when everything is completed successfully.

If anytime you face any difficulty in changing the password of your Outlook account then make a call at the Outlook support number to talk to the tech experts. They can help you in overcoming various difficulties you might face when you want to change your Outlook password.

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