Steps To Follow When Renting Digital-Billboard Truck For Your Campaign

Mobile Billboards are the best outdoors advertising tools. If you need to advertise your campaign outdoors, you can rent a billboard truck. These options are available in most locations- especially in megacities. Rental options are more cost-effective.


  • You can plan to rent advertising trucks for short or long duration
  • The advertising campaign can be set up at any physical location
  • The trucks are available in different size


To make your campaign successful, you can search for digital billboard rental trucks online. There are steps that you need to follow during the rental process.


  • Get in touch with the right services


If you want to advertise your product or services outdoor, then you have to rent advertising trucks. You can search for advertising companies that offer these services. You can easily track these services near shopping malls and other public gathering places.


Just collect their contact details and speak to them directly about your requirements. You can also visit the physical office. Top companies may also advertise their services online. Always ensure you have details of two or more services.


  • Work out the best rates


How much are you willing to invest when renting mobile Billboards? This is an important factor. The rates may depend on the location and the size of the truck you want to rent. Some companies may offer rentals on a monthly package basis.


If you need to advertise only for a short duration, you can also go with hourly rates. In both cases, the rental amounts may not be the same. If you are going with new services, they may offer a nice discount as well if you are renting more than one truck, then you can decide on the most affordable package.





  • Collect multiple bids


There is no point in selecting services without going through the bids. The price for hiring these services may always be on the higher side. If you want to advertise your services in any prime location, then you may have to pay higher rates.


The payments have to be made upfront. This is why you should try and collect bids from multiple services. If you have multiple bids, then you can compare price and general specs. You can decide to hire one that suits your budget and needs.


  • Decide Billboard quality


What type of Billboard do you want to hire? Mobile Billboards may come in the form of digital boards and vinyl boards as well. Both types can be mobile and mounted on top of the truck. In most cases, digital types are better options.


All types of texts, graphics and images can be added to the advertisement clip. Vinyl grades have to be custom designed by the team. Focus on this aspect before you search around for rent truck digital billboards options online.


Checking with design is also important. You can also have a small or big sized truck for advertising. You have to work out the total cost which includes printing, display and rentals.


Final Words


Renting a mobile advertising truck can be cost-effective as compared to purchasing. The best advantage of rental options is that you can rent them as and when needed. You may not have to bear the maintenance cost.


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