Steps to Troubleshoot Microsoft Excel Error 2007 Error stdole32.tlb

Stdole32.tlb Excel 2007 Error mainly persists when individuals click Excel’s icon to launch the application. Instead of opening the software, Windows starts to organize MS office which finally shows up the message for the error or issue. This is tiresome and also annoys you as it appears every time you try to open the software/program. But there is nothing to worry because many resolutions are out there that will easily take care of the issue.

Methods of Stdole32.tlb Excel 2007 Error in Windows 10 Solutions

Method 1: Repair MS office 2007

Step 1: Right-click on the Start icon and chose the option of Apps and Features.

Step 2: This immediately launches features and Apps settings page on the device screen. On the right pane, locate MS Office 2007.

Step 3: Choose it and click on the button of Modify.

Step 4: Another window of MS Office shows up, and choose Repair. After selecting the Repair, click on the Continue button.

Step 5: Wait until the device finishes the repairing process. Upon successful completion of repairing, restart the device. When it boots up again, try to launch MS Excel again and check if stdole32.tlb Excel 2007 Error continues to persist or not. If it exists, proceed towards the next solution.

Method 2: Uninstall and Reinstall Office

The easiest trick that worked wonders for a good number of individuals is to totally uninstall and reinstall Office. But manually uninstalling the software does not remove its remnants from the device.

Method 3: Change Registry Key Permission

MS experts recommend modifying the registry permission. Once you change MS Excel’s registry permission, the issue will get resolved.

Method 4: Delete Office Keys from Registry Editor

This resolution process is pretty similar to the previous one and also involves the use of registry editor.

Feel free to reach us at Microsoft Excel whenever necessary

If by following the methods, the issue still exists, feel free to contact us at MS office support as soon as possible. We are having a team off experts who are always there for your help.

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