How Healthy is Stevia as a Substitute for Sugar?

One of the few sweeteners Stevia, is a plant based product and is a completely natural product which is not created with chemically in the labs. In food products which are labelled ‘no artificial sweeteners’ Stevia is a perfect alternative for sweeteners. Research Data obtained from research, regarding the safety of the product as well as its history of safe usage has helped Stevia get the approval of The Food and Drug Administration. Stevia is used as an alternative sweetener and deemed safe in many countries like Australia, South America, European countries, Asia and even in Japan where the use of all the other sweeteners has been banned.

Grown naturally in tropical climatic conditions, Stevia is a shrub that grows wild in tropical climates, though it can be grown elsewhere too. Stevia is used in soft drinks, wines, chewing gum, yogurts, candies and even in baking and cooking as decreased amounts of this sweetener can be used compared to the use of table sugar. In fact, Stevia tastes hundred to three hundred times sweeter than table sugar and so very little is enough to sweeten any product.

A Boon for Diabetics!

A healthier alternative to sugar, Stevia does not adversely affect blood glucose levels and helps people manage their diabetic conditions. Researches have proved that Stevia helps in reducing blood glucose following a meal, thus helping to improve insulin response. It improves glucose tolerance by inducing the pancreas to release insulin which serves as a treatment for Type 2 diabetes. Stevia has the ability to

  • increase the production of insulin
  • stabilizes blood sugar levels
  • increases insulin’s effect on cell membranes
  • helps counter the mechanics of type two diabetics and the complications that follow it.
  • act as a healthful alternative for diabetes control

Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Management:

A natural sweetener, Stevia, contains plant derived phyto chemical compounds and helps control cholesterol and blood pressure. As low calorie food alternatives have become more and more important, Stevia has drawn the attention of health conscious people to help them achieve weight management goals. Stevia sweeteners have almost nil calories, which appeals to those trying to lose weight. Despite this low calorie intake, one feels full after eating and helps manage cholesterol also.

As Stevia contains no sugar and very few calories, it can be taken as a part of a well-balanced diet. Stevia also contains antioxidant compounds which help reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer. It also helps reduce high blood pressure, but does not bring down normal blood pressure.

Stevia sweeteners are used as sugar substitutes and used in food products, beverages and is considered to be safe for people with diabetes and for bringing down high blood pressure. Stevia is also used as a substitute for sugar in baking as only half the amount of sugar need be used.

Children too can enjoy foods sweetened with the Stevia sweeteners as it does not affect the dental cavity adversely and cause cavities and tooth decay in a way that sugar does, so it is absolutely safe for children to consume it.

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