Sticky Chai

Ready to be brewed into a fragrant, slightly sweet and soothing chai, Spice Zen’s Sticky Chai contains premium, organic, single origin black tea blended with aromatic and floral organic spices. The blend is activated and preserved in 100% Organic Australian Raw Honey to seal its rich flavours and impart the tea with a wet, sticky consistency.

Brewing your own chai at home, you’ll fill the air with a deliciously aromatic scent, promoting a sense of comfort, relaxation and wellbeing. Our Sticky Chai is the perfect go-to hot cuppa at any time of day, and also makes a wonderful after-dinner digestive or dessert-style beverage.

This is a well-balanced tea blend, with a delicate, sophisticated taste (not as intense as our Masala Chai Spice Blend). It is incredibly fragrant from hand pounded aromatic spices and rose petals, giving it layers of smoothness and flavour with a lightly spicy finish. Herbs and Spices

There’s no need to add processed sugar, as Raw Honey imparts a delicate natural sweetness and lends healing, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to the tea.

Spice Zen Sticky Chai Blend can be made either as a black tea, or in the traditional manner, brewed in milk on the stovetop. The longer the brew, the richer and deeper the flavour. Goes beautifully with soy or almond and coconut milk too.

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