Stone Honeycomb Panels with Honeycomb Backing – An Excellent Choice for Commercial and Institutional Buildings

Cladding systems can improve the aesthetics of commercial and institutional buildings while adding innovative and sophisticated touches to them. However, many factors can impact and determine the specification and design of the project, such as budget, sustainability, code compliance, lead time, performance, climate, and structural support. Stone honeycomb panels can be excellent solutions that can meet critical requirements.

A stone honeycomb panel uses fiberglass or aluminum honeycomb panels as reinforcement, with a 5 mm stone veneer bonded on top to maintain the material’s natural aesthetics while ensuring a strong and ultra-lightweight feature. It can work with different natural materials, such as basalt, limestone, marble, sandstone, marble, and onyx, and artificial materials like engineered stone, ceramic, glass, and porcelain.

Suitable for exterior cladding

Stone honeycomb panels are perfect for exterior cladding because it is lighter than thick solid stone slabs. They weigh only around one-third of solid alternatives, significantly reducing the entire facade’s dead load and leading to savings. They also come in a larger format for faster installation. This way, you can also save time and money installing them to complete your project.

Versatile for interior applications

Many modern upscale commercial and industrial buildings require better interior designs with a sense of luxury. The stone honeycomb panel with honeycomb backing can fulfill that requirement. It also ensures lower installation costs because stone slabs cut in half yield two stone honeycomb panels. Fabrication occurs in the factory to further reduce manufacturing time and  ensure higher-quality results than those produced at the job site.

Get the best materials for your project.

High-qualitystone honeycomb panelscan consist of a 3 mm porcelain slab or 6 mm natural stone veneer on top, with aluminum honeycomb panels as the reinforcement. Ensure specially developed epoxy adhesive bonds the top veneer. Reputable manufacturers work with internationally known brands to ensure reliable adhesives that endure temperature fluctuations with long-lasting bonding, even after decades.

Guaranteed bonding

Bonding is one of the crucial features of stone honeycomb panels, especially for commercial and institutional buildings. The best adhesives can withstand temperature changes from -40 degrees to 80 degrees Celsius. They are blended in a dust-free glue blending room and stored in temperature-controlled conditions.

About the Company

KC Panels is a professional manufacturer of aluminum honeycomb panels and stone honeycomb panels with experience of over 15 years. Our exterior panels are used in landmark projects in the U.S, Canada, and Australia, while our interior panels are widely used in Hong Kong, Macau, etc. We partner with renowned chemical manufacturers for trusted and proven bonding adhesives designated for honeycomb applications.


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