STONE Touch Screen+ ESP32 for Massage Chair

Massage chair with modern mechanical technology to reproduce the traditional Chinese medicine meridian massage is an important daily health care equipment. The function of the massage chair is to integrate meridian massage of traditional Chinese medicine with modern high-tech means to help users enjoy a comfortable massage, reduce fatigue, and achieve the effect of health care and physical fitness. With the development of single-chip microcomputer intelligent control, a massage chair with STONE touch screen control application is also added. 7 inch touch screen

What we need to do here is such an application, select different modes through STONE Touch Screen, realize the control of MCU through serial port communication, and then realize the speed and rotation time control of stepping motor by controlling the level of specific IO, so as to realize the massage function of head and back. The system uses the STONE Touch Screen serial port screen, which can be used to do the touch display function. It is very convenient to develop. Only through the serial port can the MCU be controlled. Screen touch

It is used in the massage chair, which can easily realize the setting of a massage function and the adjustment of massage strength, so as to achieve the effect of self-cultivation and reduce fatigue.

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