Stop Reinventing the Wheel – Teacher Lesson Plans to Save You Time and Energy

Many teachers realise there’s no need to create lessons again from the beginning. There are plenty of resources and teacher lesson plans available online that are easily accessible and have been tested in many classrooms worldwide. Online materials are convenient, easy to use, engaging and provide you with more free time. If you’re in need of a lesson plan template for the Australian curriculum, visit the Resources for Teaching website. The best teachers know that engagement is everything. For this reason, the Resources for Teaching team has created plenty of captivating materials your students will love using.

Here is an engaging lesson plan for teachers that includes all the materials required for activities within the lesson, so you don’t need to spend any time preparing before class: –

Adjectives Lesson Plan for Year 1 & 2 Students:


This lesson plan allows students to practice using adjectives in their sentences to describe nouns. Students will explore different types of adjectives to describe feelings, numbers, colour, size, quality, and shape. We have included the printable materials required to teach effortlessly, including some flashcards and an assessment worksheet to check your student’s understanding at the completion of the lesson. This is wonderful for classroom teachers and relief teachers who need to pull together a quick English lesson that will teach students about using adjectives to improve their speaking and writing abilities.

If you’re looking for a variety of literacy activities for Kindergarten and Year 1 students that improve their reading, spelling and writing skills take a look at this discount bundle available on the Resources for Teaching website:

BUNDLE: Literacy Group Activities for K-1 Students:


This bundle includes 9 fun, engaging and hands-on literacy resources for Kindergarten and Year 1 students! These activities allow children to practice the following skills: upper and lowercase identification, contractions, building compound words, beginning consonant blends, ending blends, past, present and future tense verbs, rhyming words, short vowels, reading common words with digraphs. Simply download this bundle and print it directly from your device to use in your classroom!

For more useful educational materials, visit the Resources for Teaching website. Their library has a fantastic collection of worksheets, lessons and activities for all subjects! If you are looking for a lesson plan template for the Australian curriculum or a lesson plan for teachers, they have plenty more options available on their website

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