Storage will not be a large issue to your extensive collection

Storage will not be a large issue to your extensive collection. Storage information (even expansion slots) will be shared between matches, and items out of PSO2 can be accessed as long as they also exist in New Genesis. Meseta won’t be transferable, and a new currency will be PSO2 Meseta released instead. Your Alliance will still exist, but it won’t be the same. Sega has stated there will not be Alliance Quarters, Tree or even Storage but that Alliance Chat will cross games. It sounds like Alliances are obtaining a downgrade, but we don’t know too much about it yet. Whisper and Group chats will even function between matches.

As for other currencies, just Arks Cash and Star Gems will operate between matches because they can both purchased with real money. FUN and other currencies (likely things like badges) will not be understated, as New Genesis will probably have new ones set up similar to Meseta. This is a solid design option since it puts everyone at an even level when starting the match.

Your characters are going to be in a similar position. Levels, skills and any character development won’t move over to New Genesis. Rather, everyone will start over at level 1, rather than all weapons and components will be accessible due to using different skins. We have not heard anything regarding courses or if there will be significant gameplay changes, but we’ll likely hear more as the release date gets closer. Skill Rings are the only equipment that will not transfer since they will not be in New Genesis whatsoever. Similarly, crafting is getting a much-needed overhaul, so those items won’t be available either.

Mags will take over, however they won’t have the impact you’re utilized to in PSO2. They’ll be more of a pet in New Genesis that does not effect your stats. This is another fantastic design choice because new players frequently fall into buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta the pit of an unoptimized character. Feeding them any thing without realizing what it does results in getting random stats and leads to issues like being not able to equip weapons and difficulty at greater levels. Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is a new breed of sport, and it will be intriguing to see how well it performs together with Sega’s present MMO.

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