Storing E-Liquid to Maximize Freshness

The extensive selection of flavors makes e-cigarettes a fun alternative to traditional tobacco products. If you’ve switched to vaping and you want to order a lot of e-juice bottles online, it’s smart to know how you’ll take care of those e-liquids to ensure that they last you for a long time. Here are useful pointers on how to increase their shelf-life before you buy e-liquid bottles.
Know the Basics
Many people believe that the substance is non-perishable. That’s not the case, though. It actually has a very short shelf life. Even when it’s sealed in ideal conditions, the bottle will only last for about two to about five years on average. Whether you’re buying just one bottle or you’re shopping for e-juice wholesale, that’s essential information you need to know before you order anything.
Use One Bottle at a Time
Because e-juices expire quite quickly, though, it would be best if you limit yourself to one or two bottles at a time. Don’t open too many all at once. You may end up wasting a lot, especially if you don’t get to use up all the fluids. It may be tempting to open all the flavors you have, but that also means you’ll have to finish the bottles off much faster. If you’ve got favorite blends, don’t open the vape bottles until after your last one runs out. That will ensure that you’ll have more than enough e-juice to last you for a few months. That also means the flavor will remain strong.
Pick the Right Spot
Don’t forget to choose the right storage spot for your e-juice bottles. Storing them in cool, dark place or one that’s away from exposure to direct sunlight will ensure long-lasting intensity of the flavor. The next time you taste the bottle, you won’t need to worry that the liquid has lost much of its flavor and taste. Keep in mind that heat and light affect these substances, leading the particles suspended in the e-liquid to react or decline. Keeping it in the fridge or a dark, cool cupboard or drawer is the best way to go. Tucking it away in a box under your bed or any place it won’t get exposed to light or additional heat will ensure that the flavor stays constant throughout the entire time it’s in storage.
Reduce Exposure to Light
Aside from putting the bottles in a dark, cool storage, another way to reduce light exposure is to use dark glass bottles. Look for bottles traditionally used for medicine, which are typically in dark brown or dark blue shades. That will keep the light from getting through, so the e-liquid inside stays fresh.
Seal Them Up
If you have opened bottles that you didn’t get to finish, don’t worry. You can still seal the bottle to keep the flavor fresh. Wrap the base of the lid with sticky tape to ensure that there aren’t any leaks through the lid. This will reduce the exposure to air and keep the e-liquid from breaking down.

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