Stranger Things 4 and Squid Game series are the most popular on Netflix

Sranger Things is a science fiction, mixed horror series created by the Duffer brothers, widely released on the Netflix platform. The first episodes were released in 2016, so far Stranger Things has gone through 4 long seasons, and each season has made its own impression.

Squid Game is a Korean survival film written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, officially released on the Netflix platform on September 17, 2021.

The hotness of both Stranger Things 4 and Squid Game series is undisputed. So which series is the most popular on Netflix? Let’s find out with godaily

The nine episodes of the fourth season of Stranger Things attracted 1.4 billion hours of viewing after more than a month of release, breaking the record for becoming the highest-viewed English-language film of all time with more than 300 million viewers in the past year. First week of release. However, “high mountains must have higher mountains”, the Netflix throne belongs to the hit series of “kimchi land” – Squid Game.

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