Stream Spotify Directly To Google Home Speakers

Everyone is aware of the popularity of Spotify, and almost every device supports this fantastic app. You can play songs on your smartphone, computer, and smart TV. But those who use desktop for streaming Spotify have an odd limitation. If you are one of them, then you can’t stream Spotify on your Google Smart Speakers from your computer. For streaming on your Google Home Speakers, you need your smartphone.

Why Is Spotify Different?

Everyone knows that it is live music streaming platforms that can play tunes from the internet. With this feature, you don’t need to save your favorite playlist on your drive or phone. Those who use their premium account have access to download the songs and play them offline. These things are the same in most of the live music streaming apps, but Spotify offers free service to the users. Due to this feature, Spotify has created so much buzz in the live music streaming market. Non-premium users can enjoy the services with ads. It has a huge library of music. Spotify offers around 15 million songs, which is highest among any live music streaming apps.

If you don’t want to pay, then Spotify is the most flexible option because it allows you to enjoy their services with some ads. It can be used across different devices like smart speakers, smartphones, game consoles, PC, and many more.

Spotify has come with the latest version of the Spotify desktop player. All the Windows and the Mac users can connect the Google speakers through their desktop player. In that player, you will find the “Connected Device” tab. You can now stream the music on Spotify from your desktop to any external speaker.

Use Spotify On Google Speakers And Streaming Devices

Follow these steps to cast the Spotify on the Google Speakers:

  • Turn on the TV. Connect the TV from the same Wi-Fi from which you have connected your PC or laptop.
  • If you are using any device like the Nvidia Shield that has the in-built Chromecast or any external Chromecast, then connect it with your TV, and then turn on your TV.
  • From there, choose the desktop Spotify Player application.
  • Find the “Device available” icon.
  • Now, select the Google Speakers or Chromecast from the list of available devices.
  • After tapping on it, wait for the device to connect.
  • Choose your favorite song, and the app will allow you to stream on the Google Home Speakers directly.

Spotify took years for this solution, but now finally it is here.Now you can stream Spotify music on your Google Home speakers.


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