Street Fighter 5: Top 5 Tips to Win the Battles to Become Champion

Street Fighter is all about fighting with combos, powers, and strategies. If you want to become a champion in Street Fighter 5, you have to put everything in one place to take down the opponent. Now if you are skilled, it doesn’t mean your opponent will be weak. There are plenty of offensive moves available in the game, but to defend yourself, you have to know your steps and opponent’s planning.  While fighting against an opponent, it is necessary to have a strategy. Sometimes it becomes necessary to make some changes in the middle of the match according to the situations. To reach the pro level, you have to defeat numerous opponents and crack several strategies. So here are the best tips you can try to become the champion in Street Fighter 5.

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Using Pad or Stick

Most of the players have the confusion of; should they use a stick or pad to play? The honest answer, choose what you feel suitable. In the game, many players use pads to play, but some top players play with sticks. So it doesn’t matter what controls you are using. What matters the most is your practice on a specific control. Players use a variety of controls while playing Street Fighter 5, but at the time of major battles, they usually prefer their suitable controls. So it’s a basic thing when you are playing Street Fighter 5, and your victory depends on this a lot.

Learn to Block the Critical Attacks

After you choose your preferred controls, the next thing you need to focus on is “Blocking.” Blocking will never disappoint you if you are using it at the right moment.  In the beginning, you might block the attacks while looking at the buttons, but you have to get over with it. Your level will improve the day you start blocking the attacks without looking at the buttons. You can block the attacks by looking at the moments of the enemy. However, sometimes moments are fast, and they don’t give much time to block those attacks. When you are unable to block the attacks, your opponent will hit you with the same attack. So try to block the attacks with rapid speed, so your opponent won’t be able to put damage on you easily.

Don’t Jump Unnecessarily

It’s a great thing that you can jump in the game, but you don’t always have to use it. With the help of jumps you can dodge lower and some middle attacks, but it’s not going to help always. Sometimes jumps can cause you a lot in battle. If you jump unnecessarily, your opponent will take advantage of it, and might use fireball or uppercut attacks to damage. You only need to jump when you are far from the opponent. It will help you to dodge the majority of attacks, and your opponent won’t be able to start any combo attacks. If you are jumping to dodge combo attacks, then you can use blocks or try roll to avoid the damage.

Play Online Battles

Online battles are indeed quite different. You might face some extremely talented opponents. The great thing about online battles is that you can learn from your opponents. Indeed, every strong opponent will defeat you, but you will face some newbie too who will do some crazy style in battle. You can try your skills on them to make your skills better. When you are battling against a strong opponent, you need to focus on learning. Learn the moves and strategy of your opponent. Remember those techniques and try them on opponents if they fit well with your playstyle.

Hit Confirms

If you practice the hit confirms, it will improve your game drastically. Simply when you start the combo move, its opening attacks must connect. Don’t try to start the combo from a distance; use it when your opponent is in perfect range. If you begin your combos on the right distance and timing, your opponent won’t get time to block it. If your opponent blocks your first combo attack, just pull back. You have to pull back because it is the best for a safe combo move, and you will not get hit by the opponent. If you perfectly learn this, your game will change in a positive direction.

Become a Champion

After mastering the skills and timing of your moves, you have to find where these will take you. While moving on the higher levels, you find new combined moves and strategies. If your strategies are better than your opponent’s, then surely you’ll reach higher leagues in a short time. But, if you are facing trouble in winning, then you have to make some changes in your strategies to trick the opponent.


There are players in the world that have been playing Street Fighter for a long time. Street Fighter 5 is a sequel from the franchise, but the moves attacks techniques don’t change. Street Fighter 5 has added some new characters and graphics in the game that enhances the fighting experience.

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